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Parcel2Go Launches New eBay Shipping Tool

Great value deals, speed and convenience are some of the main reasons why more people are now heading online to buy goods. Parcel2Go has kept all of these things in mind and come up with a new tool for sellers who use one of the world’s largest international marketplaces – eBay.

Bolton-based online parcel delivery specialist Parcel2Go already helps eBay sellers ship auction items and Buy-it-Now instant purchases out to buyers, and the firm’s new eBay Quick Quote tool will help speed the process up even more. When it comes to international auctions, sellers can often find themselves having to answer a mountain of questions on their international shipping policy and how much postage will cost. Thanks to Parcel2Go’s new eBay Quick Quote tool, buyers will know instantly how much the item will cost to ship, saving everyone time and hassle.

The tool, which is available from the Parcel2Go website, allows sellers to place an eBay widget on their product listings pages as a way of attracting more interest and providing clear information on relevant shipping charges. People are more likely to purchase an item or place a bid if they are clear about all the costs involved, so it makes sense for eBay’s individual and business users to offer clear and accurate details about eBay shipping costs.

Richard Mercer, Business Development Manager at Parcel2Go, said: “With the eBay Quick Quote tool, we wanted to create a feature that would be of benefit to buyers and sellers. The eBay community is growing worldwide, and more individuals and businesses in the UK are looking at making items available to international buyers.

“With our new tool, sellers can display relevant worldwide shipping information with a few clicks of a mouse, allowing buyers to see the total cost of delivery to their country. We want to help ensure people are able to make a simple choice about eBay parcel delivery by offering a simple way to access low-cost, domestic and international shipping information and services.”

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