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Displaysense Raise The Issue Of Fire And Safety Protocols In The Workplace

Displaysense calls for businesses and workers to take note of the upcoming national no smoking day and pay more attention to health and safety following potentially disastrous incident in Telford.

Ever since the introduction of the smoking ban in 2007 there have been mixed views on the law, however a warehouse worker in Telford decided to defy the regulation and watch some new office products go up in smoke.

Displaysense the UKs leading supplier of mannequins and shop display equipment were happy to receive a phone call from a customer, with what sounded like a repeat order for products the company had only ordered a month earlier.

During the phone call the unfortunate reason behind the repeat purchase was revealed. A temporary agency employee ignored the smoking ban, having snuck away for a crafty fag and accidently set fire to half of a small storage room at the back of their warehouse.

The company bought clothes rails, containers and display cabinets from Displaysense with the intention of using them in their offices after they completed a refurbishment and had temporarily placed them away in a storage room while the offices were decorated.

Steve Whittle the marketing manager at Displaysense commented, “Although our products are high quality, they are not meant to be completely fire proof. It was potentially a very dangerous situation and perhaps the individual involved should take note of the no smoking day on the 11th of March and quit while he is behind.”

Steve continued, “It just goes to show, with the various promotions the government runs to highlight the risks of fire, some businesses aren’t taking appropriate steps to protect their business and the message isn’t getting through to their workers”.

Given this incident, Displaysense are going to contact its customers to raise the question about their businesses health and safety measures, and offer appropriate solutions to protect their lively hood.

The fire and rescue services attend more than 30,000 work related fires around the country each year, with impacts including businesses not reopening, loss of jobs or even loss of life. With the no smoking day on March the 11th, the smoking ban and increased monitoring of fire and safety protocols in the workplace, it is hoped that this number falls and similar situations to that of the Telford warehouse can be avoided.

It is understood that employees at the warehouse managed to put out the fire without needing to contact the emergency services. The worker in question has subsequently been fired and told not to darken their doors or cabinets, again.

About Displaysense
Displaysense was established in September of 1978 as a manufacturer of quality point of sale displays. Displaysense has a wealth of experience in design and manufacturing and has been able to develop an ever growing standard range of over 1600 displays. The range is now extremely diverse including acrylic containers, display cabinets, mannequins, modular shelving units, exhibition displays and
business card holders.

Displaysense works with a large range of clients including, retailers (multiple and independent), blue chip corporate clients, cafés, bars, restaurants and night clubs, shop and office fitters, marketing and promotions companies, designers and architects, product distributors, exhibition contractors and exhibitors, printers, councils and NHS trusts, charities, schools and universities.

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