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Merrell Come Out on Top on the Latest Trends

With one of the hottest new trends for 2011 set to come out in the near future being that of barefoot outdoor shoes, its going to be a very exciting time for outdoor footwear and there’s no doubt that Merrell is one of those highly respected companies that is apparently very close to launching its own range which is sure to be snapped up as soon as they are unveiled.

Merrell is one of those well known outdoor apparel and footwear companies that has been around long enough to have built up a huge following of faithful customers who are fond of their fantastic footwear and its stylish edge. Merrell have long been producing footwear including shoes and boots as well as sandals too for men, women and children. The versatility of this brand is that all its ranges are made for toughness and durability yet they have the comfort that is absolutely essential for wearing outdoors. Also, you can trust Merrell to have all the technology that makes its outdoor performance footwear as safe and secure for the wearer as possible, for example it has the technology in the heel to help absorb the shock to your ankle when you walk and the un-poppable ball in the sole to for a comfortable and cushioned step.

Outdoor apparel and footwear has recently become even more popular as a fashion trend too though as more and more people discover the warmth and lightweight benefits of the outdoor jackets along with how stylish a pair of outdoor walking shoes can really be. Merrell is a perfect example of a company who provides great-looking boots, shoes and sandals to customers who could just as easily wear it to hike in the hill as they could to walk through a buy city street at the weekend. This blurs the divide between city and countryside and this is exactly what Merrell want, even their slogan on their website says their brand can ‘Bridge the urban/rural divide’ and their footwear does that all on its own.

With some fantastic collections featuring the Chameleon which is available in a range of different colour combinations like the striking red and charcoal and the army greens or the highly popular greys. This style of outdoor shoe is one that fits well in both an urban or a rural setting and it is this versatility that helps keep Merrell a very popular choice with customers who know they get style and quality when they shop for this brand.

Merrell’s strong reputation has been building for the 26 years it has been trading, it began first by producing hiking boots and they have gone from strength to strength since then using all the best quality materials like the tough and breathable fabrics and of course the Gore-tex that helps to give people the flexibility and comfort to live healthy lifestyles and wearing Merrell Shoes certainly does this with the added bonus of being all wrapped up in a stylish shoe.

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