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Debenhams Announces Mismatched Crockery Threatens Formal Dining

Debenhams, the high street store, has announced that deliberately mis-matched crockery, where no two plates or cups are the same, is the latest craze to hit the UK.

A fad which started in trendy restaurants has spread to homes all over Britain, latest sales show.

It’s a rebellion against the rigid, formal, starched table cloth rules which have governed dinner parties in Britain for the last century.

Debenhams’ spokesman Ed Watson said: “It’s a Mad Hatter’s approach to formal dining:

“Young people are turning their backs on one of the last surviving forms of etiquette dating from the Victorian period.”

The trend towards crockery in different shapes, colours and sizes was first noticed by Debenhams last year.

The style is common in the latest trendy tea houses which deliberately mix and match vintage cups and saucers and dinner plates but carefully coordinate the different colours and patterns to achieve an artistic end result.

Sales also soared following the release of Tim Burton’s hit film Alice in Wonderland in 2010.

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