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Solution to Holiday Overspending, a leading website resource for parents looking to save money, has an exciting opportunity this holiday season designed to help families avoid going overboard with spending and still experience the meaning of the season. Gift-giving is a long-standing tradition, but it is easy to get caught up in the momentum of the holidays and lose sight of its true meaning. This can lead to stress and guilt that often goes along with overspending.

The Forget the Joneses Holiday Boot Camp is a program available for free to the members of the discussion forum, and assists them in creating a budget for the holiday season. The site has many ways to encourage frugal living while avoiding the stress of being spread too thin both budget and time-wise. Tips and advice are given on how to give more personal gifts while spending less, managing time, and experiencing more of what the true meaning of the season represents. Success stories can be found here,

To join the Forget the Joneses Holiday Boot Camp visit Once registered, assignments can be read via the discussion forum while personal support and feedback is available from the site’s moderators and members. The first assignment is to create a personalized holiday spending plan. Each member’s spending plan includes not only gifts but cards, baking costs, travel fees, decorations, postage, and other holiday-related expenses often forgotten about. The second assignment is to create a budget based on the season’s grand total as well as what each member can realistically afford. In the first two weeks of the Holiday Boot Camp, there are excellent opportunities for parents to pare down holiday spending and relieve the pressures that go hand-in-hand with overextending time and budgets. Additionally, the site also provides access to many online deals and frugal gift ideas which help check items off the holiday shopping list for less.

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