Titanium-Jewelry.com’s Ron Yates Speaks at Mobile Commerce Forum

Ron Yates, founder and President of Titanium-Jewelry.com, a premier online retailer of men’s jewelry, was a featured presenter at the 2011 Internet Retailer Mobile Commerce Forum in Houston, Texas earlier this month. Yates, who gave a presentation entitled “You Don’t Have to Be Big to Have a Big Mobile Presence,” was asked to speak at the forum following an Internet Retailer magazine interview regarding Titanium-Jewelry.com’s mobile website performance.

Titanium-Jewelry.com, which was founded in 2002 by Yates, has seen a user conversion rate increase of 250% in the five-weeks following the redesign of its mobile site in September 2011. Originally launched in August 2010, the company’s mobile site saw a spike in traffic from mobile devices by 51%. In addition, the company also saw conversions from mobile visitors increase by 131% and revenues rise by 101% during that time.

Speaking at the convention, Yates stated that he realized a change was needed with the Titanium-Jewelry.com after trying to navigate his e-commerce site with his newly acquired iPhone. After noticing how difficult it was to simply peruse the items on the site, much less go through the arduous task of completing the checkout process on a 2” by 3” screen, he realized that he was leaving money on the table by driving customers away. By creating a mobile version of his website, which allowed shoppers to easily navigate and shop, he found that the shoppers stayed on the mobile site longer and had more engagement, which led to more conversions. Yates also shared some practical tips and pointers that his team learned while building version 1 and version 2 of his mobile site.

Titanium-Jewelry.com has strived to be at the forefront of technology when it intersects with improving the customer shopping experience. The implementation and redesign of its mobile site is the latest iteration this ongoing endeavor.

Titanium-Jewelry.com offers modern jewelry designs from ArtCarved, Benchmark, COGE, Diana Classic, Edward Mirell, Heavy Stone Rings, J.R. Yates, Triton and the Belloria Black Diamond collection for her. Enticing grooms and couples worldwide, the online retailer provides a multitude of styles and metals representing the best selection of palladium rings, titanium rings, tungsten rings, cobalt rings and men’s wedding bands for the fashion forward male and female.

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H.Samuel Launches Personalised Jewellery

H.Samuel is proud to launch its new personalised jewellery service online. Launching at the same time as its Christmas campaign, personalised jewellery allows customers to create a unique gift for friends or family.

The H.Samuel personalised jewellery range features a number of items that can be engraved, giving the perfect finishing touch to customers’ chosen piece of jewellery, with rings, bracelets, pendants, and cufflinks all available to display an engraved, personal message.

The personalised jewellery section can be found on the homepage of the H.Samuel website and there is a simple step-by-step guide for customers to follow. Customers start by choosing the type of jewellery desired, from rings and bracelets, to diamond jewellery and children’s jewellery. For example, to personalise a ring, the customer simply chooses from the styles available and then the selects the gemstone to be used. Next, they choose the metal type from the options of yellow gold, white gold or silver and then finally, the ring size. The metal types may vary for different items and are available in different carat weights.

Whether it’s a piece of jewellery for engraving or a multi stone personalised bracelet there are thousands of combinations to choose from. Customers can only have one piece of personalised jewellery in their basket at any time and prices vary depending on the item. Each personalised item can be delivered to the customer’s door in only 3 weeks as it’s a special order. H.Samuel has launched the new service along with the Christmas campaign so that customers have time to create and order a personalised item before the festive season.

With different categories including jewellery for men, ladies’ jewellery, baby and children’s jewellery, medical jewellery and religious jewellery, every customer can create something special.

H. Samuel’s Head of Multi-Channel, Julien Shirley said: “By introducing personalised jewellery to the brand, we are offering our customers a more fulfilling online shopping experience. Jewellery is such a personal gift, by allowing consumers to create something unique we are ultimately helping them say it better.”

H.Samuel prides itself on heritage, quality and service. As the leading jewellery retailer, H.Samuel offers expert in-store staff, a range of informative online buyer’s guides, including a watch buyer’s guide, a diamond buyer’s guide and an H.Samuel birthstone guide. The jeweller clearly understands the vital importance of introducing brand new services and brands, not only to stay on trend with the market but to win potentialnew customers.

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Titanium-Jewelry.com Now Offers Cobalt Rings by Benchmark and Heavy Stone Rings

Titanium-Jewelry.com, a premier online retailer of men’s jewelry, mens wedding bands, titanium rings, and tungsten jewelry, today announced the addition of more than two dozen new cobalt rings from Heavy Stone and Benchmark. Internationally known as the top choices in hot contemporary metals market, the two companies offer spectacular wedding bands featuring one of the hottest, and most versatile, new metals on the market.

“There is a new player in town when it comes to choices for guys wedding bands,” said Ron Yates, founder of Titanium-Jewelry.com. “It used to be that if a guy was in the market for a wedding band he would go the gold or platinum route because, well, that was traditionally what you would get. Now, though, since the price of both metals have skyrocketed in recent years, those looking for mens wedding bands are more and more turning to the “non-traditional” route with alternative metals such as tungsten, titanium and, most recently, cobalt. Cobalt has made quite an impact on the men’s wedding band market in the past year, as more and more grooms to be are turning to this new metal choice for their wedding bands. Titanium-Jewelry.com is proud to now offer more than two dozen cobalt wedding bands from two of the top names in the industry: Benchmark and Heavy Stone Rings. These wedding bands will give our customers even more top-notch choices when they are looking for the perfect
wedding band for their special day.”

One of the most popular contemporary metals on the market, cobalt has become a favorite of those looking for a one-of-a-kind wedding band. Whiter than platinum, cobalt is also scratch-resistant, shatter proof, and matches well when mixed with rose gold, chrome, or set with diamonds. Titanium-Jewelry is proud to offer the newest styles from Benchmark and Heavy Stone Rings, with new pieces being released each month. You can find a full listing of cobalt bands at http://www.titanium-jewelry.com/cobalt-rings.html.

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