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New Zealand: FSL FOODS LTD recalls Fruzio frozen berry products sold across Foodstuffs stores

Auckland, New Zealand, 2015-12-7 — /EPR Retail News/ — In addition to the Fruzio Mixed Berry 1kg and 500g products with Expiry or Use By dates up to and including 7 October 2018 that were recalled earlier today, FSL FOODS LTD has now decided to extend the recall to the following Fruzio frozen berry products as they come from the same overseas source;

• Fruzio IQF Strawberry 1 kg bag all batches dates with expiry or use by date up to and including 8 September 2018

• Fruzio IQF Blackberry 1 kg bag all batches dates with expiry date or use by up to including 8 September 2018

• Fruzio IQF 3 Mixed Berry 1 kg bag all batches dates with expiry date or use by up to including 17 November 2018

The product recalls are currently occurring throughout all Foodstuffs stores nationwide, and the business is following up to ensure all recalled product is removed from shelf in a timely manner.

To receive a refund, our advice is to take the product back to the store it was purchased from and they will arrange a full refund.

Food safety is of paramount concern to us and we are continuing to collaborate with MPI to ensure all appropriate actions are being taken and customer safety around this issue is maintained.

While the MPI testing process continues guidance for consumers is to apply good food safety hygiene when consuming frozen berries remains in place including;

•  Wash your hands before eating and preparing food

•  Berries can briefly be boiled before eating (temperatures must exceed 85 degrees Celsius for one minute)

•  Immunocompromised persons and those with liver damage should avoid frozen berries or products containing frozen berries.

If consumers have any concern about their health or that of their family then they should seek advice from their local medical practitioner, or call the Ministry of Health’s Healthline (0800 611 116).

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