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Carrefour invites the general public behind the scenes at its 220 hypermarkets

Boulogne-Billancourt, 2016-Dec-09 — /EPR Retail News/ — For the second year running, Carrefour will be opening its doors and inviting the general public to have a look at what goes on behind the scenes at its 220 hypermarkets. An event scheduled for 7 December that will immerse customers in day-to-day hypermarket life through a series of fun workshops during which they will learn all about what hypermarket employees get up to. This is a completely original initiative for the retail sector in France, implemented transparently and in the spirit of sharing.

A second edition which hopes to take things one step further!
Given just how popular the event was in 2015, Carrefour is extending it this year to all of its hypermarkets in France. An opportunity for the general public to see what the day-to-day running of a hypermarket is all about and to find out about what the actual jobs are of the people who help turn their shopping trips into enjoyable experiences.

A life-size experience behind the scenes of Carrefour’s hypermarkets
First and foremost, Carrefour’s hypermarkets represent multitudes of different worlds and thousands of professionals, all with one aim in mind: to provide its customers with the best possible shopping experience.

As part of “Behind the Scenes”, the hypermarkets will be holding workshops designed to give customers a better idea of what goes on with the people working behind the counters and the products.

– The jobs involved in selling fresh produce: Professionals working in food-related areas and the retailer’s fresh produce – as well as local partner producers – will be running workshops designed to share the basics of what they do with the general public. These will include workshops on baking bread (kneading the dough, scoring it, baking, etc.) in traditional bakeries, opportunities to learn how to cut meat alongside Carrefour’ butchers, and advice product-sampling at the fish counter. Customers will also be able to get up close and personal with fruit and vegetables, etc. A whole world of craftsmen and women and their expertise, right in the heart of each hypermarket.

– Carrefour is committed to an ambitious corporate social responsibility policy and will also be running a workshop focusing on the various initiatives it has implemented in its stores to combat food wastage and reduce its carbon footprint. Held in partnership with a number of local associations, these CSR workshops will serve as forums for discussions about best practice for reducing waste and energy consumption.

– Having proved tremendously successful in 2015, customers will once again have the opportunity to enjoy immersive experiences working alongside checkout employees:  a friendly event designed to teach them more about this key role in hypermarkets which is so important for forging day-to-day relationships with customers.

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