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BESTSELLER announces 11 hand-picked talents for UNLEASH

BRANDE, Denmark, 2017-May-12 — /EPR Retail News/ — This August, BESTSELLER is partnering with UNLEASH to bring together 1,000 global talents to solve the world’s most pressing problems. Meet the 11 hand-picked BESTSELLER talents that will take part in the event.

Talents from more than 165(!) countries around the world have applied to become part of the UNLEASH Lab in Denmark this August. They represent diverse backgrounds and aspirations, but they all have a common goal of making a difference for the world on behalf of an entire generation.

A number of talents have been sourced from a wide array of organisations, businesses and institutions. Others have been found through an open online recruitment process focusing on finding creative and innovative people who are passionate about solving some of the world’s most pressing problems by engaging in co-creation with peers and experts. The talents will come from all over the world and include academics, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and technical experts primarily aged 20-35 years.


As project partner BESTSELLER has been fortunate enough to deliver a number of talents to act as key experts on the given Sustainable Development Goal most prominent to BESTSELLER – i.e. Sustainable Production and Consumption.

Through recommendation from managers across the BESTSELLER organisation, we are very proud to have ended up with the following 11 talents to represent our company at UNLEASH:


Jose Prakash,  Sustainability Manager, India, New Delhi

Sally Fu, Sustainability Manager, China, Shanghai

Mia Jepp Mortensen, Strategic Sourcing Specialist, Denmark

Peter Holm Jensen, Legal Counsel, Denmark

Tea Stricevic, Business Analyst, Austria

Muhammad Ehsanul Karim, Senior Merchandiser, Bangladesh

Varun Kashiva, VERO MODA Supply Chain Manager, Denmark

Alexander Granberg, SELECTED Buying Apprentice, Denmark

Felicity Tapsell, JACK & JONES Project Manager, Denmark

Pernille Berthon Iversen, NAME IT Buyer, Denmark

Henriette Fogh Høyer, ONLY Process & Sourcing Coordinator,Denmark
Throughout the coming months, we will introduce you more thoroughly to some of these talents and find out more about how they perceive BESTSELLER’s role in solving global issues, and what they expect from the programme in August.

Read more about UNLEASH and BESTSELLER’s involvement here.


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