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How to Prevent Hair Loss After Weight Loss: Tips and Tricks

Sometimes, losing weight and losing hair are connected, because losing weight too fast or too much can make the body stressed and not get enough nutrients that help hair grow. This kind of hair loss is not permanent and can be fixed, if you find out and solve the problem that causes it.

One of the most usual reasons for hair loss after losing weight is telogen effluvium (TE), a problem where hair roots stop growing and fall out more than normal. TE usually happens 3-4 months after something that triggers it, like weight loss surgery, eating very little, or being sick, and goes on for up to 6 months.

To stop or fix hair loss after losing weight, it is important to eat a healthy and balanced diet that gives enough calories, protein, iron, zinc, fatty acids, and other important nutrients for hair growth. Taking pills or other things may also help, but only if you really need them. Also, staying away from strong chemicals, heat, and hair tools can prevent hair from getting damaged and broken.

Losing hair after losing weight is not harmful or lasting, but it can make you feel bad about yourself and your life. So, it is good to talk to a doctor or a skin expert if you lose a lot of hair, or if you have other signs. They can find out the reason for your hair loss and suggest the best ways to treat it, such as medicines, things to put on your hair, or hair transplant.

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