Asda announces hourly pay increase as part of new contract offer to store colleagues in Great Britain

Asda announces hourly pay increase as part of new contract offer to store colleagues in Great Britain

  • Asda to offer its colleagues a base rate of £8.50 p/h – £1p/h over the Government’s incoming National Living Wage.
  • New contract offer benefits customers by including greater levels of flexibility to put the right colleagues in the right place at the right time.
  • 95% of Asda colleagues estimated to be better off under the new terms – but moving to the new contract is voluntary.

LEEDS, UK, 2017-Mar-14 — /EPR Retail News/ — Asda has today announced that it has offered all of its 135,000 store colleagues in Great Britain a pay increase to £8.50 per hour from October 2017 as part of a new contract.*

The new contract offer, which Asda colleagues can choose whether they want to accept or not, offers one of the highest rates of hourly pay within the supermarket sector. It is also £1 per hour higher than the Government’s National Living Wage increase due in April 2017.

As well as benefitting its colleagues, Asda’s customers will also benefit from the new contract offer. Colleagues who choose to move to the new contract will also have greater levels of flexibility in their work patterns to make sure more colleagues are in the right place, at the right times of day to meet their customers’ needs.

This means that colleagues could be asked to work in different parts of their store, or work different days or hours depending on when customers shop in their store most.

As well as an increased rate of pay and agreement to flexible working, other changes within the new “Your Choice” contract offer are:

  • Agreement to work Bank Holidays if required by their store (or take as annual leave)
  • 28 days annual leave, including Bank Holidays
  • Change in the ‘night shift window’ and increase to night shift ‘premium’
  • A move to all breaks being unpaid

All of Asda’s other non-pay benefits including; colleague discount, pension, sharesave and bonus remain unchanged in the new contract offer. Other geographic and role premiums will remain.

Asda is also maintaining its commitment not to use zero hours contracts and colleagues will retain guaranteed minimum hours. Whilst the new contract will require colleagues to be flexible, fair and reasonable notice will be given for any changes to rotas, and consideration will be given to those with care requirements outside of work.

Asda has calculated that 95% of current colleagues will be better off if they choose to move to the new contract type – some by over £1000 a year. All new colleagues joining Asda from today will automatically be offered the new contract type, with an increased rate of pay coming in to play on 8th October. Those colleagues who do not wish to move to the new contract are able to remain on their current terms and conditions and all Asda colleagues will move to the increased National Living Wage on 1st April 2017 regardless of their decision around the Your Choice contract.

Asda’s Senior Vice-President of People, Hayley Tatum explains; “Our colleagues have always made Asda special. We want to be the best we can for our customers, which means not only investing in our products and prices but critically, we also need to invest in our people.

“Our colleagues help our customers every day and we want to offer them a rate of pay that recognises the amazing job they do.

“Our current employment contracts have evolved over decades. They mean we have different colleagues on different terms and they don’t give our colleagues the level of flexibility our customers need to meet their changing needs. Our customers shop in different ways at different times and they expect us to deliver them the same great level of service whenever they visit us.

“This new contract will also mean that colleagues can gain a broader level of experience across their store, which will in turn give them better opportunities to progress and develop their career in retail.

“This new contract offer is the right thing for us to do for our customers and our colleagues and we hope that as many colleagues as possible choose to accept it.”
Asda has a partnership relationship with the GMB, including GMB representatives within its stores.

The GMB’s General Secretary Tim Roache commented; “These new flexible contracts will help to ensure job security, ensure those accepting them are on the same terms and – best of all – ensure that people will earn more money as a result. The new contract offer involves quite a few changes, but as it’s voluntary, this allows colleagues to choose whatever suits their circumstances best.”

To read a blog post from Hayley Tatum about Asda’s decision to offer a new contract to its colleagues, click here:


*Asda’s colleagues in Northern Ireland (except Belfast Asda Living) are subject to a collective bargaining agreement on pay and terms through USDAW. The current agreement is due for annual review in October 2017.


Asda Mumdex poll: Two thirds of mums say the new school year brings more of a change than New Year

  • £50 of the average £260 spend goes on mums’ hair and make up
  • Despite big spending, the Asda Mumdex poll reveals first day back battles with the kids leave mums with just 23 minutes to get themselves ready
  • Two thirds (66%) of mums say the new school year brings more of a change than New Year, with 60% making new-term resolutions
  • Over a third of mums pledge to lead a healthier lifestyle and exercising
  • Over a third call for a text or email checklist to ease first day back preparations
  • Asda launches special back to school lunchbox bundle and online checklists

LEEDS, England, 2015-8-31 — /EPR Retail News/ — With a new term on the horizon, four in five Asda Mums have revealed it’s important their child looks their smartest for the first day of the new school year.

The latest Asda Mumdex results also reveal that mums are experiencing ‘school gate syndrome’ – in addition to wanting to look their own ‘back to school best’ at the school gates, they feel there is an expectation to share exciting stories from the holidays, while making new school year resolutions for themselves and their family.

When it comes to looking their best, fashion-conscious Asda Mums have said they spend an average £260 on their appearance for the first term. This is broken down by an average spend of:

  • £45 on clothing
  • £46 on a coat(s)
  • £37 on a handbag(s)
  • £17 on jewellery
  • £50 on hair and make up
  • £33 on shoes
  • £32 on getting in shape

Despite this financial investment, mums have found they are limited to spending an average of 23 minutes getting themselves ready and at their back to school best, because 42 minutes is taken up by getting their kids dressed and ready. The latest Mumdex survey shows that the average mum spends:

  • 10 minutes trying to coax their kids out of bed
  • 10 minutes persuading them to put away electronic devices
  • 12 minutes making packed lunches
  • 12 minutes struggling to feed their child breakfast
  • One in five (22%) also spends around eight minutes looking for missing school bags
  • Almost a quarter (23%) spend six minutes looking for missing car or house keys
  • One in three (33%) will spend roughly eight minutes looking for a school uniform or PE kit

Looking good isn’t the only thing on mums’ mind when it comes to the school gates – mums also feel they need to sound good by sharing interesting summer tales. Over a third (35%) feel they are expected to report back on interesting summer activities as the new term starts, and one in three feels there is competition around where they went on holiday.

‘School gate syndrome’ even creeps into areas beyond mums’ control, with over half (58%) feeling competitive during discussions with others about which teacher their child has – this increases to 75% for mums with kids in their first year of secondary school. Meanwhile, just over four in 10 (44%) admit to often talking about their child’s class or set.

But the good news is that, in addition to refreshing their wardrobe, the return to school also brings a fresh start overall for many UK mums. One in three (33%) say they are excited about the possibilities a new school year brings, and two thirds (66%) feel the new school year is actually more of change than January.

Making the most of the change, 60% of mums say they set new-term resolutions. Over a third of mums will focus on adopting a healthier lifestyle (36%) and exercising more (37%), and almost a quarter (23%) want to get into the habit of waking up earlier. When it comes to family goals, over a quarter (29%) of mums say they plan to reduce their child’s screen time, while almost the same amount (28%) say they plan to help their kids more with their homework.

Eager for a solution to their problems, and the time to make the most of new resolutions, the majority of mums polled for the latest Asda Mumdex survey said that the number one measure to help make their back to school preparations easier, would be a text or email checklist of things to bring in or do for the first week of term.

In response to this, Asda has developed a checklist of tips and reminders to ensure nothing falls off the to-do list for mums on that busy first morning.

Asda’s Hayley Tatum said: “As a mum, I know what those back to school nerves feel like – what class your little one will be in; sending them through the school gates looking smart; getting them there on time after a few weeks of a summer routine – but it’s important that mums know they’re all feeling the same and to take some time for themselves if they can.

“Interestingly, the Asda mum faces the new school year just like, if not more so, the January new year – making resolutions, treating themselves to a new school-gate outfit, or even starting a new fitness and health regime – and good on us all I say!

“Mums have more than enough to think about when it comes to preparing for back to school, putting on their best juggling act, so we also understand a little help can go a long way. After listening to their call to action, we’ve developed quick and easy solutions, starting with the back to school checklist, and a one-click lunchbox bundle which adds tasty and healthy lunches instantly to your online shopping basket. I hope these go a little way to saving them some time in the final weeks of the summer holiday.”

Helen Low, Senior Design Director at George added: “We believe confidence is the key to looking great. There can be a lot of pressure on mums to keep up appearances in all aspects of their day-to-day lives – at George we provide styling solutions for busy mums for every occasion, however much time they have to spare.”

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