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Reebok Easytones Have The X Factor

Tomorrow night’s X Factor will be the starting point for the re-launch of the Reebok ReeTone Campaign. The main focus is the best selling Reebok EasyTone trainer that claimed to stimulate muscle activity, leading to improvements in muscle density and overall general fitness.

The Summer Reebok EasyTone campaign was supported by ex-glamour model and body-icon Kelly Brook. The ex-glamour model appeared on billboards and posters worldwide wearing nothing but the Reebok trainers. This generated a large amount of publicity for the brand and many retailers saw sales sky rocket. However, interest is set to heighten even further with the launch of the new TV advertising campaign. The advert, which will air during tomorrow night’s X Factor show, features Kelly Brook completing household chores in skimpy outfits and a pair of Reebok EasyTone trainers.

Reebok are spending thousands of pounds in the second round of advertising, in an attempt to generate even more interest in the fitness footwear range. In order to concrete the publicity, Reebok have also enlisted the help of several male celebrities such as F1 driver Lewis Hamilton and Footballer Thierry Henry. These endorsements are targeted at getting males, who are interested in health and fitness, to start considering the toning shoes as part of their exercise wardrobe.

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