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Exclusive Christmas Gifts at

If you are looking for a different Christmas gift for your loved-ones, you must check out the exclusive Christmas collection of Each Orientina is handmade and therefore unique, which guarantees that you will not buy the same gift as somebody else.

Orientina’s Glass Pomegranates
These pomegranates are produced with the glass blowing technique and are completely handmade. Their delicate craftsmanship will bring an elegant ambiance to your home decoration. These glass pomegranates are handmade, which makes each one unique. Sadly, they are produced in a limited number. set of three 49 EUR.

Orientina’s vintage kilims
Handwoven Anatolian kilim. You will adore its striking motifs and unique colors obtained with purpurin. This 100% wool kilim is estimated to be 50-years-old and it was created with an old weaving technique, which has not been applied for many years. You may use this kilim on the floor or you may hang it on the wall. It’s unique 249 EUR

Red Suzani Pillows
Unique flower motifs which are hand-knitted with patience, lively colors obtained with purpurin, elegant edge embroideries… This pillow, knitted from genuine Uzbek suzani, will look perfect on your coach. It’s available only at a limited number. 39 EUR

Yemeni scarfs with Turkish Lace
Unique flower motifs, lively colors obtained with purpurin, Turkish lace edge embroideries… You will adore this Anatolian yemeni, which was produced in a limited number. The flower motifs are printed on hand, not by machines. The Turkish laces decorating its edges are hand-embroidered one by one. 27 EUR

Orientina’s Iznik Tile Rings
Iznik tiles that used to decorate the Ottoman palaces are back for your beauty. The ceramic portion of this special ring was prepared in our atelier in Iznik. The unique red color was achieved by the underglaze technique. You will love the 500-year-old Golden Horn design painted on the original Iznik ceramic clay. The elegant embroideries on the silver body will add nobility to your beauty. 79 EUR

Orientina’s Kilim pillows
Those pillows were made out of an old hand-woven Anatolian kilim, which was aged in a coffer. This makes it one of its kind. Its unique colors obtained with purpurin and its 100% wool fabric will bring warmth to your living room. Do not miss those pillows, which was produced as a unique item. 59 EUR

Red Suzani Handbags
You will love this handbag, which is knitted from genuine Uzbek suzani. The oriental, authentic flower motifs were hand-embroidered with patience. Its unique colors are obtained with purpurin. This lovely handbag, which was produced as a unique item, will complete your daily style. 49 EUR.

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