The National Retail Federation comments on National Labor Relations Board “ambush” election rules

New NLRB Rules Take Effect Today

WASHINGTON, 2015-4-15 — /EPR Retail News/ — The National Retail Federation issued the following statement fromSenior Vice President for Government Relations David French on National Labor Relations Board “ambush” election rules that take effect today:

“This is an overt attempt by the administration to tilt the union election playing field. It is a gift to the White House’s allies in Big Labor and their union organizing efforts.

“These rules are similar to the ‘hurry-up offense’ where one side hopes to catch the other off-guard with misdirection and a hurried pace. In this case, employers will be put on constant defense and always placed at a disadvantage.

“This change will significantly restrict both employees’ and employers’ participation in the union organizing process and severely compress the union election cycle. It muzzles the rights and voices of employees who want to understand the benefits and consequences of union organizing as well as employers who want to rebut and respond to union-backed charges.

“NRF will continue to challenge the NLRB in Congress and in the courts.”

NRF in January joined the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace, National Association of Manufacturers, Society for Human Resource Management and U.S. Chamber of Commerce in filing a lawsuit challenging the regulations. NRF is also involved in a related case that is under appellate review.

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Stephen E. Schatz
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