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Guerlain opens new boutique dedicated exclusively to perfumes

PARIS, 2016-Apr-07 — /EPR Retail News/ — Guerlain has opened a new boutique dedicated exclusively to perfumes at 392, rue Saint Honoré in Paris. The boutique is an exceptional journey into the world of Guerlain Fragrances, celebrating the art of perfumery that has earned the House renown since 1828.

Fragrances mark the memory, arouse emotion and provoke unique sensations. The art of the perfumer is about crafting fragrances able to spark unique experiences. Guerlain’s new boutique spotlights this unique creative process, inspired by a remarkable array of ingredients.

The store showcases the spectacular library of over 100 Guerlain fragrances, a collection unique in the world, organized according to 14 of the perfumer’s emblematic ingredients. There is also a cellar where carefully controlled lighting and temperature preserve Guerlain perfumes in mythic Guerlain “bee” bottles, like rare vintage wines.

Two centuries of Guerlain heritage is displayed, including 19th century “dames-jeannes”, broad glass bottles encased in wicker used to preserve liquids, plus notebooks containing formulas that have been jealously guarded for five generations. Past meets the present with a unique digital experience too. Guerlain has developed a digital perfume organ that lets visitors travel the world of scented creations and olfactory emotions to determine their own personal “olfactory profile”, helping them select one of the 18 emblematic Guerlain fragrances.

In the spirit of personal exchanges and customization dear to Jacques Guerlain, visitors can also craft their own bottle, selecting the color, size, ribbon, bow, silk wrapping paper and even a signature. Each person’s creative fantasies are served by Guerlain savoir-faire.


Guerlain opens new boutique dedicated exclusively to perfumes
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