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JACK & JONES becomes the official clothing partner of top e-sport team Astralis

JACK & JONES becomes the official clothing partner of top e-sport team Astralis

BRANDE, Denmark, 2017-Sep-15 — /EPR Retail News/ — Today (13 September 2017), JACK & JONES announced a new partnership with one of the best e-sport teams in the world, Astralis. The sponsorship includes a unique design collaboration of the first ever performance optimised e-sport jersey, a wide range of activation initiatives and a merchandise collection co-designed by JACK & JONES and Astralis.

JACK & JONES will be the official clothing partner of Astralis with exclusive rights to communicate and supply clothing that enhances the players’ look and performance. The collaboration between the two is based on shared values and new, unexplored business opportunities. Henning Nielsen, JACK & JONES explains:

“We are truly impressed by Astralis’ professionalism and strong performance, as well as their dedication – those are exactly the values JACK & JONES believe in. Partnering up with Astralis to create and present something new and unique to the e-sports scene is a natural expansion and continuance of a strong company history within collaborations. Besides an obvious value match, we share the approach to always strive to be the best within our game, and the creation of a new player’s jersey and performance uniform with the unique requirements in e-sports is a perfect example of just that.”

Jordi Roig, CCO of RFRSH Entertainment who is responsible for Astralis’ partnerships, is very pleased with the partnership:

“Astralis is all about constantly improving, finding the edge and optimizing their performance through professionalism, dedication, practice and a healthy lifestyle. One of the areas, where e-sports has yet to develop is the clothing and the gear the teams play and practice in. Like we have done in other areas of performance optimisation, we have been looking to find a partner with the expertise and desire to design and produce a new jersey/uniform and training line especially for e-sports based upon the demands and wishes of the players and we have found that in JACK & JONES. On top of a shared desire to win, through their position as Europe’s leading producers of menswear and -fashion with a vast range of styles and designs, JACK & JONES is also the perfect match for the Astralis players, who all have very different styles, both in the game and outside.”

By Astralis and JACK & JONES teaming up, Astralis becomes part of JACK & JONES’ sponsorship portfolio – including renowned sports professionals such as F1 driver Kevin Magnussen, and Premier League goalkeeper, Kasper Schmeichel.

“In JACK & JONES we believe in supporting performance driven teams and individuals – it’s our company culture. The e-sport industry is experiencing tremendous growth, not only in terms of active players and fan communities, but also as an entertainment product. Therefore, we see a great opportunity to become part of this development.” Henning Nielsen continues.

E-sport is expected to reach 500 million fans by 2020 and will thereby outgrow basketball´s 400 mill fans by 2018. The audience is found mainly in millennials and generation Z’s.

“Besides our shared brand values, we also have a great match in our target audiences. We continuously strive to engage and interact with our consumers in new and innovative ways. By teaming up with Astralis we know that we will meet the interest of our consumer.  Both JACK & JONES and Astralis have many loyal fans and consumers and with our cooperation we see lots of opportunities to cater for their needs and give them something back.” Henning Nielsen elaborates.

JACK & JONES and Astralis will be working closely together on many different on-and offline initiatives, including fan hangouts, Meet n’ greets, SoMe activities, competitions, merchandise collections and a unique design collaboration.

“Our brand promise is to make our consumer proud, secure and satisfied – and by teaming up with Astralis we aim to keep that promise,” Henning Nielsen ends.

The merchandise collection and the first ever e-sport jersey will be presented at an exclusive fan event in connection with BLAST Pro Series in Copenhagen in November 2017, where fans will be invited to meet the players and be the first to get the unique shirt, co-designed by JACK & JONES and the Astralis players.


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