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Dragon Fruit: The Delicious and Nutritious Tropical Fruit

Dragon fruit is a yummy fruit that grows in warm places. It has a red skin and a white or pink inside with small black seeds. Dragon fruit has other names, like pitaya or strawberry pear. It comes from a plant that looks like a cactus and grows in Central America, but now people grow and eat it in many places. Dragon fruit is good for you, because:

  • It has few calories but a lot of fiber and good things that help your cells. Fiber can make you feel full and help you poop. Good things can keep your cells safe and healthy.
  • It has vitamin C, iron, magnesium, and other things that help your body. Vitamin C can help you not get sick and heal faster. Iron can keep your blood healthy and carry oxygen. Magnesium can help your muscles and nerves work well and keep your blood pressure normal.
  • It may help your blood sugar and fat levels get better. Some studies say that dragon fruit can make your blood sugar and cholesterol lower if you have diabetes or other problems. This may be because dragon fruit can help your body use insulin and energy better. But we need more studies to make sure this is true.

To eat dragon fruit, you need to cut it in two and take out the inside with a spoon. You can also take off the skin and cut the inside into small pieces. You can eat dragon fruit fresh or put it in salads, smoothies, yogurt, or sweets. You can also make juice or jam from dragon fruit.
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