RILA President Sandy Kennedy to testify before Senate Homeland Security And Governmental Affairs Committee on cybersecurity threats and how to protect consumers

Retail Industry Leaders Association President, Sandy Kennedy, Testifies Before Senate Homeland Security And Governmental Affairs Committee

Arlington , VA, 2014-4-2 — /EPR Retail News/ — Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) President Sandy Kennedy will testify today before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs hearing, “Data Breach on the Rise: Protecting Personal Information from Harm.” Kennedy will testify on cybersecurity threats retailers face and the steps retailers are taking to address these threats and protect consumers.

Cyber-criminals are persistent and their methods of attack are increasingly sophisticated. Federal agents notified more than 3,000 U.S. companies last year that their computer systems had been hacked.

“Retailers take cyber threats very seriously, investing tremendous resources in talent and technology to defend against them, and they also understand that defense against these attacks must be an ongoing effort, evolving to address the changing nature of the threat,” Sandy Kennedy states in her testimony to the Senate Committee this morning. “To that end, in January, RILA launched a comprehensive Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Initiative. The initiative is designed to enhance the industry’s existing cybersecurity and privacy efforts, inform the public dialogue, and build and maintain consumer trust.”

To improve upon current processes, Kennedy is urging Congress to take action on federal data breach notification legislation that is practical, proportional and sets a single national standard that replaces the patchwork of state laws in place today.

Kennedy says in her testimony that, “A federal law that preempts the patchwork of state laws in place today, will help ensure that customers receive timely notification and actionable information following a breach.”

The RILA Initiative includes the formation of the Retail Cybersecurity Leaders Council, which has started work to establish a mechanism for improved industry-wide threat information sharing. A recent survey of the group found that a majority of RILA members already participated in informal or non-retail specific threat information sharing, but that expanding such efforts to include engagement with other partners and government would bolster efforts to defend against the growing threat.

RILA is committed to collaboration not only within the retail community but also with other stakeholders in the payments system, law enforcement, academia and government. In February, RILA led the formation of the Merchant and Financial Services Cybersecurity Partnership, a group of 18 trade associations dedicated to strengthening overall security across the payments ecosystem and bolstering consumer confidence in the payments system.

“We believe that in working together with public and private sector stakeholders, our ability to develop innovative solutions and anticipate threats will grow, enhancing our collective security and giving our customers the service and peace of mind they deserve,” Kennedy states.

Read Kennedy’s full testimony here:

RILA is the trade association of the world’s largest and most innovative retail companies. RILA members include more than 200 retailers, product manufacturers, and service suppliers, which together account for more than $1.5 trillion in annual sales, millions of American jobs and more than 100,000 stores, manufacturing facilities and distribution centers domestically and abroad.


Allie Brandenburger
Director, Communications
Phone: 703-600-2063

Intershop unveils “Content Driven Commerce” at its flagship event in Berlin

  • Intershop presents “Content Driven Commerce” at flagship event in Berlin
  • Official launch of Seed-initiative featuring demo for visual commerce
  • Senior Intershop executives to guide customers, partners and prospects through the rapidly-changing world of omni-channel commerce

Jena, Germany, 2014-4-2 — /EPR Retail News/ — Intershop, the leading independent provider of omni-channel commerce solutions, is to unveil concept and solution for the merge of digital content and commerce that is a key driver for “Commerce as a Lifestyle” at its flagship event in Berlin.

For the first time, this solution will be presented in Europe after its extremely well-received show-casing at the Adobe Summit in Salt Lake City March 24-28.

In Berlin senior company executives will outline to customers and partners how the concept will bring brick-and-mortar and online commerce come ever closer together, while in doing so setting the scene for business buyers, too.

This revolution, which is taking place across all traditional and new sales channels, is the 2014 megatrend that will be a major topic for discussion at the Intershop Summit 2014, to be held on April 9 in Berlin.

elegates will hear keynotes from Intershop CEO Jochen Moll while his team of senior executives will outline trends and approaches for emerging omni-channel commerce scenarios, such as predictive commerce, visual commerce, and lifestyle commerce.

At the premier event in Germany this spring for opinion leaders and influencers in the realm of commerce, Intershop will also feature its bold new corporate design, which reflects the company’s focus on innovation, including the initiative ‘Seed – Growing Ideas’.

Intershop VP Global Marketing and Communication Joerg Springer comments: “Our Seed initiative focuses on planting innovative and creative ideas into the fertile ground of a dynamic industry. Intershop is leveraging more than two decades of leading edge ecommerce solution experience to help provide start-ups and established enterprises alike with the tools and know-how they need to both enter and thrive in a new business paradigm. In 2014, Intershop is all about enabling our customers to bring their ideas and future strategies to fruition.”

Chief Technology Officer Dr Jochen Wiechen of Intershop and Daniel Raschke, Managing Director of picalike GmbH, will present one first fresh sprout of that initiative. A joint demo for visual commerce will further inspire the audience for the potential of commerce yet to be reaped.

Intershop is repositioning itself as an expert advisor to customers big and small in the complex and fast-evolving world of commerce, providing delegates with expert guidance in distinguishing between megatrends and industry hype.

Jochen Moll, CEO at Intershop: “The Intershop spirit is at the heart of what we do for our customers, and we have a proud culture of innovating in the field. Intershop has a well-earned reputation as an expert advisor to customers who are at different stages of the journey towards the future of their commerce – whether B2B or B2C customers of all sizes exploring the synergies of bringing together sales channels in a profitable and compelling B2X scenario, or at the leading edge of predictive sales. Our 2014 flagship event will provide customers, partners and prospects with food for thought at all levels throughout the commerce industry – by connecting the top trends and developments that are emerging on an almost daily basis in our fast-moving industry.”

Further program highlights include a keynote by former German minister Dr Juergen Ruettgers, positioning ‘Germany as a Center of Innovation’ plus Thomas Feldhaus, Managing Director at leading advertising agency Jung von Matt/next.

About Intershop
Intershop Communications AG (founded in Germany 1992; Prime Standard: ISH2) is the leading independent provider of omni-channel commerce solutions. Intershop offers high-performance packaged software for internet sales, complemented by all necessary services including online marketing. Intershop also acts as a business process outsourcing provider, covering all aspects of online retailing up to fulfillment. Around the globe more than 500 enterprise customers, including HP, BMW, Deutsche Telekom, and Mexx run Intershop solutions. Intershop is headquartered in Jena, Germany, and has offices in the United States, Europe, Australia, and China. More information about Intershop can be found online

This news release contains forward-looking statements regarding future events or the future financial and operational performance of Intershop. Actual events or performance may differ materially from those contained or implied in such forward-looking statements. Risks and uncertainties that could lead to such difference could include, among other things: Intershop’s limited operating history, the unpredictability of future revenues and expenses and potential fluctuations in revenues and operating results, significant dependence on large single customer deals, consumer trends, the level of competition, seasonality, risks related to electronic security, possible governmental regulation, and general economic conditions.

Intershop Public Relations

Heide Rausch

Phone: +49 3641 50-1000
Fax: +49 3641 50-1309



Focus on results 
The Annual Report is divided into thematic chapters that follow BESTSELLER FUND’s three new thematic focus areas: Jobs, entrepreneurship and education’, ‘Agriculture and food production’ and ‘Poor and vulnerable children’s access to basic services’. Each chapter contains case stories and lists main results achieved by the projects in 2013.

“It is easy to write and send a check. The challenging part of philanthropy is to ensure that the money actually delivers real results and positive changes in the lives of the people and societies we want to assist. Strong planning, monitoring and documentation is a must if we are to succeed in this type of work. This Annual Report therefore focusses as much on results as on the donation itself”, says Kristian Sloth, Director in BESTSELLER FUND.

Rural China & Africa 
In line with the new strategy, the report also tells how BESTSELLER FUND has scaled up support to poor and vulnerable children in China and how it has increased the support to job creation and agricultural entrepreneurship in Africa.

“The Annual Report also shows how we ‘step-by-step’ are in the process of implementing our new five-year strategy increasing our project support in China and Africa”, Kristian continues.

Conclusively, you can also read and see how the project support and donations were distributed according to thematic focus and geography – and compare them to previous years.

You can read the full Annual Report here

SM Investments Corporation held first retail roadshow to reach out to investors

Pasay City, Philippines, 2014-4-2 — /EPR Retail News/ — SM Investments Corporation (SM) reached out to retail investors in maiden non-deal domestic roadshow held recently in Cebu, Davao and Manila.

The roadshow is an initiative of the company’s investor relations which runs in line with the company’s good governance practices by keeping investors and the markets informed and updated on developments within the SM Group. This is part and parcel of SM’s responsibility as a publicly-listed company.

The roadshow also aims to encourage investors to share in the company’s growth through investments in the stock market by providing investors wealth-building advice and strategies.

SM partnered with local broker COL Financial for its maiden retail roadshow entitled “Wealth Building Summit for the Filipino Investor, SMart Money through the Stock Market”. Over 1,700 investors attended the event during its three-day run from March 25 to 27 held at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Cebu, SMX Convention Center in SM Lanang, Davao and SMX Convention Center in SM Aura, Taguig.

Speakers during the roadshow were also optimistic about the prospects of the Philippine economy which is a major factor in the growth of Philippine companies.

SM Chief Finance Officer Jose T. Sio told investors to study the company’s financial health. “In all these, look at the balance sheet and find a company that is healthy, liquid and that has a low gearing ratio. These are the companies that will grow regardless of the country’s economic cycles,” Sio said.

SM Senior Vice President for Investor Relations, Corazon P. Guidote told investors that the Philippine economy is at an “inflection point that offers much more growth opportunities across all sectors which will result in continued growth for the stock market. “We are excited as you are with all that the Philippines is experiencing. As such, we encourage you to invest in your country, and invest in your home-grown companies. Share in the dividends that you yourselves generate as a collective engine of growth for the companies that are listed on the Philippine stock market,” Guidote said.

For his part, Joel Litman, Chief Investment Strategist at Valens Securities, Inc. also said he is bullish on the long-term prospects of the Philippine economy. “I am extremely bullish on the Philippine economy, in terms of employment or growth of jobs, the banking sector, growth of middle market, and the growth of consumers,” he said.

To take advantage of this growth, Guidote urged investors to participate in the upside of companies through stock investments.  “Don’t just be our shopper or our customer. Be the owner of some of the worlds’ largest malls, or the leading bank in the country, or Southeast Asia’s largest property company, or the largest copper producer in the Philippines, or the country’s most progressive holding company,” she said.

Timothy Daniels, Consultant for Investor Relations at SM also reiterated that the Philippines is a fast growing market. “We have three core investments in retailing, banking and property and these are being positioned for where the Philippines is going. We may be a leading player today but the Philippines is a fast growing market and it is still developing, it has so much more potential in all of the areas, especially in the core businesses that we are in,” Daniels said.

“Within the last couple of years, BDO raised 1 billion dollars making it a tremendously strong bank. In retailing, with moves like our investments in CityMalls, we are going to retain our lead, and in property, the merger last year is to position all property entities of the group to really become be the leading players as the property industry continues to grow,” Daniels said.

Guidote added that many foreign investors have profited from the stock market due to their long-term investment views saying that at the beginning of her career in the late 80’s there were just a handful of quality stocks listed in the market, while there were more speculative stocks. “But of the few quality stocks, foreign investors have already profited tremendously from the market because not only have they taken a long-term view of the market, they also had access to information that help them make good investment decisions. That’s because they deal with large institutional banks and stockbrokers which provide in-depth research and advice,” Guidote said.

Guidote added that SM’s share price for one, when it listed in 2005 was only the equivalent of less than P190.  “Now it trades steadily at close to P700 per share, which over the 8 years (since I joined SM), yielded an average growth of about 35 percent per annum,” she said.

She said that more Filipinos should benefit from the growth of Philippine companies through their stock market investments. “Sadly, very few Filipinos benefited from that growth with volumes still dominated by large foreign funds.  Our market capitalization is now US$12.5 billion. Of our free float of 42 percent, 36 percent is held by foreign funds. The same is true for SM Prime and BDO whose minority investors are mostly large foreign funds. This is why we are here today. It really is our fervent wish to have more Filipinos benefit from the growth of our companies,” Guidote said.

# # #
For further information, please contact:
Ms. Corazon P. Guidote
Senior Vice President for Investor Relations
SM Investments Corporation
Tel. No. 857-0117


SM Investments Corporation held first retail roadshow to reach out to investors

Kimco Realty sold nine-property retail portfolio in Mexico to joint venture between Macquarie Mexican REIT and Grupo Frisa for $222 million

Sale furthers company’s strategic exit from Latin America

NEW HYDE PARK, N.Y., 2014-4-2 — /EPR Retail News/ — Kimco Realty Corp. (NYSE:KIM), North America’s largest publicly traded owner and operator of neighborhood and community shopping centers, today announced it has closed on the sale of a nine-property retail portfolio in Mexico to a joint venture between Macquarie Mexican REIT (MMREIT) (BMV:FIBRAMQ) and Grupo Frisa for a gross sales price of 2.9 billion Mexican pesos (US $222.0 million) including debt of 475.9 million Mexican pesos (US $36.3 million). Kimco’s pro-rata share of the sales price was approximately 2.0 billion Mexican pesos (US $153 million).

The portfolio, which comprised 2.1 million square feet, was approximately 90 percent occupied at the time of sale and, if certain occupancy and rental growth thresholds are met 18 months after closing, Kimco may earn an additional payment. The company expects to recognize a $20.0 million gain on sale, before any impact from currency, which will be excluded from the calculation of funds from operations.

This transaction represents a major part of the company’s simplification strategy that includes exiting Latin America and focusing on its portfolio in the U.S. and Canada. With the sale of these nine properties, Kimco’s remaining Latin America shopping center portfolio comprises 36 properties totaling 5.9 million square feet. The company is currently negotiating contracts for the sale of these remaining properties.

About Kimco
Kimco Realty Corp. (NYSE: KIM) is a real estate investment trust (REIT) headquartered in New Hyde Park, N.Y., that owns and operates North America’s largest publicly traded portfolio of neighborhood and community shopping centers. As of December 31, 2013, the company owned interests in 852 shopping centers comprising 125 million square feet of leasable space across 42 states, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico and South America. Publicly traded on the NYSE since 1991, and included in the S&P 500 Index, the company has specialized in shopping center acquisitions, development and management for more than 50 years. For further information, please visit, the company’s blog at, or follow Kimco on Twitter at

— ### —

David F. Bujnicki
Vice President, Investor Relations and Corporate Communications
Kimco Realty Corp.

National Association of Convenience Stores: Convenience stores reached record in-store sales in 2013 with sales climbing 2.4% to $204 billion

CHICAGO, 2014-4-2 — /EPR Retail News/ — U.S. convenience stores reached record in-store sales in 2013, with sales climbing 2.4% to $204 billion. Combined with motor fuels sales of $491.5 billion, overall convenience store sales were $695.5 billion, according to figures released today by the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS).

The industry’s 2013 numbers were announced at the NACS State of the Industry Summit, a two-day conference that reviews and analyzes the industry’s key economic indicators.

The convenience store industry’s in-store sales have seen rapid growth over the last decade, as consumers seek out more food and beverages on the go. In-store sales in 2013 were led by continued growth in foodservice (2.4%), driven by prepared food and commissary.

Motor fuels sales also hit new highs on a per-gallon basis, with sales climbing 0.9% to 132,029 gallons per store per month. While fuels sales per store increased on a unit basis, a 2.9% decrease in gas prices led to an overall 2.1% decrease in fuels sales.

Although the industry again realized strong sales, store-operating costs increased at a faster rate than sales and led to a decrease in industry pretax profits, which fell from $7.2 billion in 2012 to $7.1 billion in 2013.

The biggest increase in costs was wages and payroll taxes. The industry saw a dramatic 19.5% increase in employees, a function of the industry’s continuing embrace of foodservice, which requires more labor to manage.

The link between fuels and convenience retailing continues to grow. Overall, 83.7% of convenience stores (126,658 total) sell motor fuels, a 2.7% increase (3,369 stores) over 2013, according to the 2014 NACS/Nielsen Convenience Industry Store Count. The U.S. convenience store count increased to 151,282 stores as of December 31, 2013, a 1.4% increase (2,062 stores) from the year prior.

Convenience stores also account for 34.3% of all retail outlets in the United States, according to Nielsen, which is significantly higher than the U.S. total of other retail channels including drugstores (41,378 stores), supermarket/supercenter (37,459 stores) and dollar stores (24,853 stores).

Beyond sales, convenience stores are an important part of the economy. They employed 2.2 million people and generated $174.5 billion in federal, state and local taxes in 2013. Overall, convenience stores sales represent 4.0% — or one out of every 25 dollars — of the entire $17.4 trillion U.S. gross domestic product.

“Our industry numbers demonstrate that convenience and fuel retailing continues to grow, despite economic and retail environment challenges,” said NACS Chairman Brad Call, vice president of adventure culture at Maverik Inc. “These numbers show that we continue to meet the needs of our diverse consumers throughout the United States.”

Motor fuels continued to drive revenue dollars, but in-store sales drove profit dollars. Overall, 70.7% of total sales were motor fuels, but motor fuels only accounted for 35.6% of profit dollars. Motor fuels gross margins were 18.5 cents per gallon before expenses, or 5.3%.

The industry’s bifurcation also continues, with a considerable difference between top quartile and bottom quartile performers. Top quartile performers had hot dispensed beverage gross profits that were 7.3 times greater than those of the bottom quartile; prepared food gross profits 3.0 times greater than the bottom quartile; cold dispensed beverage gross profits 3.9 times greater than the bottom quartile; and packaged beverage gross profits that were 2.4 times greater than the bottom quartile.

Of major interest to retailers this year was the breakout of industry numbers into regional benchmarks, allowing them to compare key metrics against more companies in their respective markets.

Here’s how in-store sales were broken down in 2013:

• Tobacco (cigarettes and other tobacco products): 37.0% of in-store sales
• Foodservice (prepared and commissary food; hot, cold and dispensed beverages): 18.0%
• Packaged beverages (soda, alternative beverages, sports drinks, juices, water, teas, etc.): 15.5%
• Center of the store (candy; sweet, salty and alternative snacks): 9.9%
• Beer: 7.9%
• Other: 11.7%

Meanwhile, foodservice was the category that drove profits, accounting for 29.1% of gross profit dollars. Packaged beverages were second, accounting for 19.6% of gross profit dollars. While tobacco products constituted 37.0% of in-store revenue dollars, they accounted for only 18.7% of gross margin dollars.

The industry’s 2013 metrics are based on the NACS State of the Industry survey powered by its wholly owned subsidiary CSX, the industry’s largest online database of financial and operating data. Complete data and analysis will be released in June in the NACS State of the Industry Report of 2013 Data.


Founded in 1961 as the National Association of Convenience Stores, NACS ( is the international association for convenience and fuel retailing. The U.S. convenience store industry, with more than 151,000 stores across the country, posted $696 billion in total sales in 2013, of which $491 billion were motor fuels sales. NACS has 2,100 retail and 1,600 supplier member companies, which do business in nearly 50 countries.

Toys“R”Us® commemorates Autism Awareness Month with $600,000 grant to Autism Speaks

Toys“R”Us Children’s Fund Provides $600,000 Grant to Autism Speaks as National Sponsor of Annual Walk Program; Renews Support to Raise Awareness for Autism Spectrum Disorders

WAYNE, NJ, 2014-4-2 — /EPR Retail News/ — Toys“R”Us®today announced that, as part of its ongoing support of the special needs community and to commemorate Autism Awareness Month, the Toys“R”Us Children’s Fund has provided a $600,000 grant to Autism Speaks, the world’s leading autism science and advocacy organization. The grant will support the charity’s research and advocacy efforts in the United States as it strives to provide resources for families affected by autism spectrum disorders. Toys“R”Us will serve as the national sponsor of the organization’s Walk Now for Autism Speaks program, a year-long series of more than 100 walk events taking place in communities across North America that allows supporters to personally fundraise for Autism Speaks.

“The growing prevalence of autism spectrum disorders has deeply impacted the lives of Toys“R”Us customers, employees and the communities we serve,” said Kathleen Waugh, Chairman of the Toys“R”Us Children’s Fund. “Through the 2014 Walk Now for Autism Speaks events nationwide, we hope to raise further awareness for the disorder and ultimately help find the missing pieces of the autism puzzle.”

As part of the company’s national sponsorship of Walk Now for Autism Speaks, Toys“R”Us and Babies“R”Us®employees will walk alongside individuals with autism, their families and friends to generate donations and bring attention to the cause. The complete schedule of Walk Now for Autism Speaks events can be found at

In addition, Toys“R”Us and the Toys“R”Us Children’s Fund have collaborated with Autism Speaks and the National Lekotek Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to making play accessible for children with disabilities, to  identify toys that can help kids with autism develop language, creativity and social skills, while playing alongside siblings and friends. The list of “Ten Toys That Speak To Autism” is a special subset of the company’s annually published, complimentary resource called the Toys“R”Us Toy Guide for Differently-Abled Kids, which can be found in stores nationwide and online at

Since 2007, Toys“R”Us, Inc., the Toys“R”Us Children’s Fund and customer contributions together have provided Autism Speaks with nearly $19 million.

About Autism
Autism is a general term used to describe a group of complex developmental brain disorders – autism spectrum disorders – caused by a combination of genes and environmental influences. These disorders are characterized, in varying degrees, by communication difficulties, social and behavioral challenges, as well as repetitive behaviors. An estimated one in 88 children in the U.S. is on the autism spectrum – a 78 percent increase in six years that is only partly explained by improved diagnosis.

Charitable Giving at Toys“R”Us
The philanthropic mission of Toys“R”Us, Inc. and the Toys“R”Us Children’s Fund is to keep children safe and help them in times of need. The Toys“R”Us Children’s Fund contributes millions of dollars annually to various children’s organizations, including those providing disaster relief to victims of large-scale crises, as well as those supporting America’s military families. The Fund also provides grants to leading special needs organizations and has donated $1 million as the first Founding Partner of the 2014 Special Olympics USA Games. In addition to financial and product donations, Toys“R”Us, Inc. hosts in-store and online fundraising campaigns annually that raise millions of dollars for the company’s signature philanthropic partners.

About Autism Speaks
Autism Speaks is the world’s leading autism science and advocacy organization. It is dedicated to funding research into the causes, prevention, treatments and a cure for autism; increasing awareness of autism spectrum disorders; and advocating for the needs of individuals with autism and their families. Autism Speaks was founded in February 2005 by Suzanne and Bob Wright, the grandparents of a child with autism. Mr. Wright is the former vice chairman of General Electric and chief executive officer of NBC and NBC Universal. Since its inception, Autism Speaks has committed more than $195 million to research and developing innovative resources for families. Each year Walk Now for Autism Speaks events are held in more than 100 cities across North America. On the global front, Autism Speaks has established partnerships and related activities in more than 40 countries on five continents to foster international research, services and awareness. To learn more about Autism Speaks, please visit

# # #

Media Contacts: 
Toys“R”Us, U.S.
Adrienne O’Hara

Nicole Hayes

Big Lots kicks off spring with high style and low prices lawn and garden assortment

Go Big and Go Home™ Campaign Features Outdoor Furnishings
Built for the Long Haul

COLUMBUS, OH, 2014-4-2 — /EPR Retail News/ — Just as people are getting outside and leaving winter behind, Big Lots (NYSE: BIG) is kicking off spring with an expanded lawn and garden assortment featuring high style and low prices. From Char-Broil® grills to patio sets, gardening supplies, and gazebos, Big Lots offers everyone an affordable way to create an inviting and relaxing outdoor space.

“This year we’ve expanded our assortment to include more high-quality,
fashionable, and trend-right items than ever before,” said Andrew Stein, Big Lots Chief Customer Officer. “Outdoor living is all about food, comfort, and fun, which is why Big Lots is showcasing all the products that can help anyone create the perfect spot to entertain and unwind.”

Cozy patio furniture, cushions, umbrellas, pillows, and planters give customers the ability to mix and match pieces, refresh items they already have, or add attractive new elements. Some of this season’s hues include vivid blues, neutrals, and garden greens. Other items such as brand-name grills, path lighting, and sturdy wicker and metal furniture can be added to create a
comfortable outdoor atmosphere that will last through many seasons.

“Our new marketing campaign promises customers great style and incredible
deals,” noted Stein. “Our collection is designed to help you outfit your deck or patio using the latest trends without spending a lot of time or money.”

Quality and durability are also key features. New commercials highlight an array of outdoor living products through the eyes of one couple imagining how their new Big Lots patio items will play a part in future life events such as their children’s birthdays, graduation parties, and retirement. The campaign will be featured on television,, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels.

About Big Lots
Big Lots is America’s largest broadline closeout retailer, operating 1,494 BIG
LOTS stores in 48 states. For more information, visit

Andrew Stein
Senior Vice President, Chief Customer Officer
(614) 278-4768


One Week, $10,000 in Prizes Remain

Matthews, N.C., 2014-4-2 — /EPR Retail News/ — Saturday, March 29, 2014, Harris Teeter’s Together in Education (TIE) Prize Patrol visited winners’ homes in Cary, N.C. to give away another $10,000 as part of Harris Teeter’s TIE $100,000 Giveaway.

During the $100,000 Giveaway, Weekly Contestants (“Winners”) are randomly drawn and awarded up to $10,000, the total prize being determined by the number of Harris Teeter Brands founds in their homes.  The winner(s) automatically receives $500, to be split evenly with the TIE school to which their VIC card is linked.  Additionally, for each Harris Teeter Brand product found in a winner’s home, Harris Teeter gives away another $100, to be split with the same school. The TIE Prize Patrol continues visiting homes until the entire $10,000 is awarded for a particular week.

Harris Teeter also selects and advertises a Bonus Item each week.  The Bonus Item is worth a total of $500.  The Week 9 Bonus Item, Fresh Foods Market Pasta, was not found in either winner’s home; the Week 10 Bonus Item is HT Traders Frozen Meals.


Weekly Contestant TIE School HT Brands Total Prize
Week 9 Winners – Cary, N.C.
Wesley Hunt Mills Park Elementary 75 $8,000
Erin Walters Apex Elementary 10 $1,500
Week 8 Winners – Greensboro, N.C.
Jared Black McNair Elementary School 61 $6,600
Hughes Antonie Page High School 5* $1,400
Margaret Dick General Greene School of Science and Technology n/a $500
Courtney Ageon Summerfield Charter Academy n/a $500
Terri Grant Page High School n/a $500
Priscilla Streeter Caldwell Academy n/a $500
Week 7 Winners – Greensboro, N.C.
Gerda Curtis Grimsley High School Athletic Boosters 37 $4,200
Page Kreager Academy at Lincoln 53 $5,800
Week 6 Winners – Arlington, Va.
Adele Siegmund St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes School 30 $3,500
Jessica Hensley James K. Polk Elementary 15 $2,000
Farida Mansurova St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes School and Alexandria Country Day School 15 $2,000
Lisa Nichols Campbell Elementary School NA $500
Allison Hyra Annandale UMC Child Development Center NA $500
Mary Stewart St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes School NA $500
Stephen Kravitsky James K. Polk Elementary NA $500
John Hanley St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes School NA $500
Week 5 Winners – Greensboro, N.C.
Mary Ann Hoffman Canterbury School 27 $3,200
Sara Strandberg Southeast Guilford High School 19 $2,400
Lydia Bolmer Erwin Montessori Elementary 9 $1,400
Mary Michaux High Point Friends School, Inc. NA $500
Nina Harmon Claxton Elementary School NA $500
Janice Roback Page High School NA $500
David Forster Early College at Guilford Robotics Club NA $500
Amy Ferguson Our Lady of Grace NA $500
Mary Wall Western Guilford High Soccer Program NA $500
Week 4 Winners – Winston-Salem, N.C.
Shannon Reed Paisley Magnet School 50* $5,900
Jeffery England Morgan Elementary School 22* $3,100
Bonnie Smith North Hills Elementary NA $500
Sandra LaHaie Hanes Middle School NA $500
Week 3 Winners – Matthews, N.C.
Kelly Turner Covenant Day School 39 $4,400
Andrew Cudahy Butler High School 51 $5,600
Week 2 Winners – Charlotte, N.C.
The Parada Family South Mecklenburg High School Lacrosse 95 $10,000
Week 1 Winners – Carrboro, N.C.
David Brown Carrboro High School PTSA 91* $10,000

*Including Bonus Item

One week remains in the contest; be sure your VIC card is linked to a TIE school for a chance to participate in the $100,000 Giveaway.