BESTSELLER’s GIVE-A-DAY campaign donates €15,014,122 to charity around the world


Brande, Denmark, 2015-4-16 — /EPR Retail News/ — “The total amount exceeds all expectations, and we can’t wait to get the money out working for the children, we are here to support,” says Steen M. Andersen, general secretary of UNICEF Denmark, handling the global UNICEF donation to fight malaria in Angola, Kenya and DR Congo.

Save the Children International and their Danish branch Red Barnet receives the donation for both the national Danish project “Room for Everyone” and the international project ensuring better condition for children at Chinese boarding schools.

“This is an extraordinary large donation for Save the Children. The money from GIVE-A-DAY will go to projects that have desperately needed funds. It allows us to help the poorest children in Denmark and China in many new ways. A big thank you to BESTSELLER, and everyone who went shopping last Friday,” says Mimi Jakobsen, General Secretary of Red Barnet and Save the Children board member.

Thanks to the donation from BESTSELLER, GAIN (Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition) can also contribute greatly to combatting malnutrition in India.

“The donation gives us an amazing opportunity to create a healthier future for thousands of children in India, where almost half the children suffer from chronic malnutrition,” says Charlotte Pedersen, Senior Advisor in Gain.

Committed colleagues
“GIVE-A-DAY is about giving something back to the communities, where we have built our success, and to help people in need. We are really proud of the results we have generated and we have witnessed an enormous commitment from our colleagues and the customers that made it all possible,” says BESTSELLER Corporate Communication Director Mogens Werge.

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Read more and see the list of country-specific charity organisations at and check out all the pictures with the official hashtag #bestsellergiveaday capturing GIVE-A-DAY worldwide

About the global donations
BESTSELLER and Save the Children will support the Dream School project that will ensure proper school attendance and a chance for a better future for tens of thousands of children in rural China.

Together with UNICEF, BESTSELLER will support a project to significantly reduce the child mortality caused by malaria in Angola, Kenya and The Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) is an international organisation driven by the vision of a world without malnutrition. In India, 48% of children under the age of five are suffering from chronic malnutrition. The goal is to improve nutrient intake amongst hundreds of thousands of children and mothers in India by bringing together groups of women and training them to run their own businesses producing nutritious foods.

In addition to these projects, the BESTSELLER FUND will also team up with M-Kopa Solar in a project called ‘Light Up Villages in East Africa‘, which will provide more than 150,000 people in rural villages with the benefits from solar power lightning systems.


BESTSELLER's GIVE-A-DAY campaign donates €15,014,122 to charity around the world

BESTSELLER’s GIVE-A-DAY campaign donates €15,014,122 to charity around the world