Halfords Figures Reveal The True Cost Of Bike Theft In The UK

Bike thefts could be costing British cyclists more than £80 million a year, new figures from Halfords reveal.*

According to police crime statistics, a total of 115,147 bikes were reported stolen in the UK last year. But the actual figure is much higher, according to the British Crime Survey, due to a high proportion of thefts that are unreported.

It estimates the true number is nearer 533,000, the equivalent of a bike going missing every minute, and means almost 80% of owners are failing to report thefts. National figures** show reported bike crime is up 4% and unreported up 12%.

The full extent of the problem has been revealed by cycle and leisure retailer Halfords, who obtained the latest theft figures from each UK police force and collated them to reveal a disturbing nationwide picture.

The growth in bike thefts has come as the country experiences a resurgence in bicycle use, with 12% of adults regular cycle users and bike sales exceeding £2.1 billion last year. Six per cent of bikes purchased are worth over £1000.

In terms of regional variations, not surprisingly the problem of stolen bikes is worst in London with 21,315 instances reported to the Met in 2010 with Westminster having the highest rate of theft (1,898).

Thames Valley had the second highest rate with 6,060 instances reported in 2010. This was followed by Greater Manchester (5,185) and Cambridgeshire (4,477). Thames Valley and Cambridgeshire contain university cities of Oxford and Cambridge which account for much of the crime in those areas.

Fife has the best record for bike theft, the east coast area in Scotland only reporting 78 thefts in the past year, despite it including the student town of St Andrews where there is high bike ownership. There were 24 times more thefts in Westminster than in the whole of Fife.

The worst area in Scotland was Strathclyde, which includes Glasgow. It recorded 2081 thefts, followed closely by Lothian and Border with 2026.

Over two thirds of bike theft occurs in or around a victim’s home and research shows that while most cyclists lock their bikes when leaving them on the street, they are often unlocked when stored at a residence.*** The high number of unreported theft is put down to the belief that police will not catch the offender and that many bikes on the road are second hand.

Halfords cycling expert Paul Tomlinson said: “The scale of the bike theft is quite staggering and it can be devastating when you have bought your dream bike only to have it stolen.

“It demonstrates the need for cyclists to take precautions. We recommend bolt-cutter proof locks, because heavy-duty locks are a much better deterrent, and bike marking for all cycles.

“All Halfords locks are independently tested and rated Bronze, Silver or Gold depending on the length of time it would take a thief to break the lock and what level of equipment they would need.

“Our in-store experts are on hand to advise you on the best way to keep your cycle safe, such as purchasing the most appropriate heavy duty lock for your bike and investing in a bike tagging kit, so that it can be identified if it is ever stolen and recovered by police.”

After revealing the price of cycle theft, Halfords is calling for a unified approach to tackling the crime.

Paul Tomlinson added: “It is clear that this is a nationwide problem and many initiatives are left to local forces. We urge customers to keep their bikes secure but we would like to see more co-ordination in tackling thefts once they have occurred.”

The Police say one of the biggest problems is not recovering bikes, but finding out who owns them and they urge cyclists to take three simple steps to help reduce crime.

1) Record the details of the bike by getting it marked.
2) Register on one of the number of websites where details can be left3) Report if your bike is stolen.

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Music Festivals – Good News for Independent Retailers

In these testing times of ‘austerity packages’ and reports that disposable income is rapidly dwindling, independent retailers need to grasp every available opportunity to maintain a healthy trade.

One area of spending that seems to be on the increase, offering an enthusiastic and relatively captive audience, is the ever expanding line up of music and other festivals being held around the country during the summer months.

Those small businesses lucky enough to be situated close to a festival site are being urged to make the most of this surge of visitors by targeting their advertising and point of sale with special offers and promotions aimed specifically at festival goers.

Food and drink are particularly popular sellers with local businesses reporting increases in sales of up to 300% on the first day of festivals followed by a healthy steady trade for the rest of the duration.

Those retailers who show most imagination by adding to their usual stock with‘festival friendly goods’ such as vegetarian specials, all weather clothing, wellies, waterproof ponchos etc find there’s a seasonal gold mine waiting to be mined right on their doorsteps.

Here’s our guide to possible products to sell and how to best catch your festival goer’s attention:

• Special offers on vegetarian food: Freestanding acrylic signs at the till
• Wellies: Water based pavement signs outside the shop
• Sun creams: Suspended cable displays over the relevant shelves
• Toilet roll/facial wipes: ‘Sold here’ reminders in window mounted snap frames
• Emergency ponchos: A-boards outside the shop
• Glow sticks/garden flares/torches: Pavement swingers
• Disposable cameras: Special offer shelf edge ticket holders

Festivals are big business for small retailers. Make sure you’re not missing out.Call us on 0161 431 4400 to place your order today.

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New BT Baby Monitor & Pacifier Makes Calming Your Baby a Dream

The new BT Digital Baby Monitor & Pacifier boasts a galaxy of new features to help your baby get a peaceful night’s sleep, while you enjoy peace of mind.

Equipped with the widest choice of lullabies of all BT’s baby monitors to date, the new Pacifier model also includes an MP3 connection and a charming lightshow to soothe your baby.

All current models in the award-winning range of BT Digital baby monitors offer high definition (HD) sound, a nightlight and a talkback option – but the Baby Monitor & Pacifier takes baby monitor technology to a new level of excellence.

Its 18 featured lullabies are all classic melodies proven to calm infants, while the MP3 input gives you the choice to play your baby’s favourite songs. Best of all, the lightshow feature depicts a starry night sky to capture your baby’s imagination and lull them into a peaceful sleep.

You can speak to your baby from another room using the talkback option and check the temperature of their room with a glance at the nightlight, which changes colour to reflect the environment.

BT Shop Executive Caroline Hodgson said: “While you are enjoying a quiet evening in front of the television, or perhaps making dinner for friends, you’ll be reassured by the knowledge that the BT Digital Baby Monitor & Pacifier will alert you to any sound from your baby’s room.

“Depending on your personal preference, this can be via full sound, beeping, a vibrating action or flashing lights. With a range of 50 metres indoors and an enormous 300 metres outdoors, this monitor gives you plenty of flexibility.”

The BT Digital Baby Monitor & Pacifier retails at £89.99. For every baby monitor sold, BT will donate £1 to Childline.

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dabs.com Presents a Connected Home for All

dabs.com, one of Britain’s largest online retailers of computing and technology goods, has launched a ‘Connected Home’ microsite. The new site makes it easier than ever before for customers to learn how to integrate computing and media devices to seamlessly play multimedia content from any room in the house.

Connected Home brings together a collection of LCD and Plasma televisions, music sound systems, media players, computers, connectivity essentials such as routers and switches, and much more, allowing customers to see just how easy it is to enjoy a seamlessly joined up home.

This online shop turns the prospect of being able to listen to music, watch television and films and view photos from any room in the house, into a reality. The technology on offer in this section of the dabs.com site allows you to connect up your home to music systems, gaming, television and much more and you’ll even be able to record one program in one room and watch it in another.

Connected Home offers customers the chance to be in control of their technology and to make it work in a truly bespoke and tailored way. dabs.com customers can also benefit from expert advice from the Connected Home technical team, who are available via the online forum to answer any questions and ensure that consumers pick the right products for their needs and budget.

Existing customer case studies offer an insight into just how effective a solution from Connected Home can be.

Find out more about Connected Home from dabs.com and enjoy great value prices on everything you need to join up your home technology, from Sony laptops and HP desktops, to Netgear routers and Seagate external hard drives.

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BBQBarbecues announce the addition of the popular South African Cadac range

Strengthening their online presence even further BBQBarbecues this week announce their latest addition to the ever expanding e-commerce site with the popular South African Cadac range.

Cadac has been at the heart of South African lifestyle for more than 60 years and is a brand that has been woven into the fabric of every South African home. Cadac is constantly striving to make outdoor adventure more enjoyable through innovative thinking, continuous research and new product development, and as a result is at the forefront of developing solutions and products that meet changing expectations of the consumer globally.

James Pickering, Product Manager of BBQBarbecues commented: “Cadac is one of the most trusted and recognized brands in South Africa and we were very pleased to add another quality range to the website. This year is proving even more popular with portable barbecues it seems, as more and more consumers are taking their holidays in the UK and enjoying outdoor adventures” Mr Pickering went on to say “The weather beyond about a week ahead stretches even the most experienced weather forecaster but with June’s forecast set to be a hot one we are predicting a big growth in sales to rival the ones we witnessed in April”

Cadac offer a timeless range of Patio BBQs and outdoor leisure Barbecues catering for evolving lifestyles and the growing worldwide trend of people seeking ways in which to make the most of Summer living. People need an easy, affordable and universally accessible way to get more value from their precious Summer moments.

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Qssupplies.co.uk Helps Home Owners Avoid Purchasing Wrong Shower Enclosure

Many Home owners in UK end up in buying wrong shower enclosure for their bathroom. There are some common problems that home owners usually make at the time of purchasing a shower enclosure; the leading bathroom supplier in UK has put together solution on how to deal with those problems.

Avoiding these common mistakes can help home owners having a fabulous shower enclosure in their bathroom that will last for years. Here are Top Ten Tips for buying a shower enclosure.

1. Glass Thickness – You need to ensure the thickness of glass. A shower enclosure must have 4mm or above toughened glass.

2. Smooth Running Wheels – Doors of shower quadrant and enclosure come in use on a regular basis. You must ensure a shower enclosure have smooth gliding doors, so that’s easy to open and close.

3. Offset Shower Enclosure – If you are selecting offset shower enclosure, it’s very important to select the proper orientation of shower tray, according to your bathroom. Offset shower trays comes in left or right handed option. Depending on installation of your enclosure you need to select right or left hand offset shower tray. Many home owners end up buying wrong orientation trays, and then they have to rush to their supplier.

4. Right Size – Selecting the right size shower enclosure is extremely important. A shower enclosure must be spacious and comfortable. Before buying an enclosure, you need to sit and stand in it and make sure none of your body part touches the glass. If you are having a large bathroom, going for a walk in shower enclosure or walk in panel would be an ideal choice. And for smaller bathrooms, selecting a quadrant or pivot recessed shower doors can be an ideal choice. But at the time of selection you must ensure that the cubicle is not too compact and uncomfortable. If you have a large body person in your family, a 900mm quadrant or cubicle would be an ideal choice and spacious, while as 800mm and 760mm would be too small and uncomfortable.

5. Guarantee – Ensure that the shower enclosure is guaranteed on its finish and parts. There are many home owners who have ended up buying cheap imports, that does not carry any guarantee and it’s very difficult for them to get its parts replaced.

6. Design – Selecting the right design can create an impact in your bathroom. A well designed shower enclosure creates stunning bathroom space and offers the ultimate blend of sophisticated design and timeless functionality. A well designed shower enclosure will look new for years and gives a fresh look.

7. Knowledge – Going through magazines can help you select the right design that’s in trend. Alternative you can even visit bathroom design websites where you can come across many images of well decorated bathrooms.

8. Don’t Like – if you don’t like it don’t buy it. Many Home owners compromise on design, quality and functionality just for price. But our advice is don’t compromise, there are variety of shower enclosure available in market from reputed brand that are offered at low price. You just need to keep your eyes open and check for special offers.

9. Brand – Brand awareness is very important. Many home-owners have already repented buying cheap imports from China. Buying from a local brand is always recommended. As after sales service is always good and enclosures last long and are well designed. Even getting parts replacement is easier with local brand and with imports it’s next to impossible.

10. Visit to a Showroom – Visiting a nearby bathroom showroom can actually help you to look and feel the enclosure itself. Don’t be ashamed; get in and out of an enclosure. Try opening the shower doors and closing it to double check the gliding’s and roller quality.

“By following to this simple tips and guidelines home owners can buy the right shower enclosure without making common errors. At QS Supplies on-line shop you’ll find the largest range of branded shower enclosures, a symphony of ideas and trained sales person to help you select the right enclosure for your bathroom” said a spokesperson at QS Supplies.

QS Supplies (qssupplies.co.uk) are an on-line retailer of Bathroom shower enclosures and cubicles. In Addition QS Supplies also stocks and sell bathroom furniture, bathroom suites, towel warmers and bathroom vanities. Offering a portfolio of more than 12000 products, QS Supplies has a design and specification to suit every bathroom and application from the most traditional to contemporary.

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UK POS Encourages Retailers to Purchase Promotional Materials to Take Advantage of the Easter Shopping Period

UK Point of Sale Limited have urged UK Retailers to take advantage of their low prices on essential advertising and point of sale accessories during the build up to Easter, with offers on pavement signs and other eye-catching products.

The Point of Sale products specialist has been a leading provider of many essential products to help retailers entice customers into their shops as well as clearly mark out store layouts and offers to improve the retail experience that will be key to success this Easter…

A number of retail businesses have struggled in recent years to keep customers coming through their doors so by marketing themselves more aggressively and getting their brand and offers in front of their customers has become instrumental in keeping consumers coming back in light of reduced consumer spending in recent years.

UK POS lead the field in providing clear advertising and marketing opportunities by using A Boards and banner stands to showcase offers and deals that customers will want to see and hear about.

With Easter just around the corner along with many other upcoming events such as Father’s Day and the Royal Wedding too many retailers will be looking to stand out from the crowd and effective use of UK POS’ point of sale products will help to promote the business.

Debra Jamieson, Sales & Marketing Director at UK Point of Sale said, “Now, more than ever, shop owners both big and small are finding that the competition is fierce and effective use and management of their store layout and promotion is quickly becoming essential.

“Well thought out retail window displays are going to advertise a shop’s key deals and offers and this in turn will encourage more customers through their doors.”

UK Point of Sale sell a wide range of point of sale products online at their website ukpos.com, where businesses can browse and buy items online, with 24 hour delivery of all in-stock items right to the customer’s door it is easy to see how UK POS have built up their reputation as the UK’s number one P.O.S. manufacturer.

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Guinness World Record BBQ Attempt Sponsored by BBQBarbecues

Would you sponsor a Guinness World Record Attempt for the longest ever barbecue? That’s exactly what BBQBarbecues are doing to help raise funds for WellChild, an amazing charity that helps and support’s sick children and their families across the UK. When asked if they would be interested in helping WellChild supporter Braham Snyman and his friends attempt to break the Guinness World Record it was an easy answer.

Scott Morris, E-Commerce Manager of BBQBarbecues said: “After a fantastic and very busy 2010 we wanted to give something back and there is no better way to do it than to help a children’s charity. WellChild have a dedicated team of skilled individuals and is well known throughout the country by members of the public and even have a supportive patron in Prince Harry” Scott continued and said “What Braham is trying to do is not only break a record but raise awareness for a very worthwhile cause and we wish them all the luck in his attempt”

To complete the task Braham will have to continuously cook burgers and sausages on thebbq for an incredible 30 hours and aim to beat the current record of 28.5 hours achieved by Jan Braai last year in Cape Town, South Africa. The event is scheduled to take place at Play On Sports, Canary Wharf, London on Sauturday 16th April at 11am and will be finishing on Sunday 17th April at 7pm. The event is also very close to the London Marathon course which will be held on the Sunday.

Leaked news suggests that voucher codes will be available on the day for discounts when shopping on BBQBarbecues website and will be valid throughout the month of April.

Anthony Langston, Website Administrator of BBQBarbecues commented: “WellChild is a wonderful organization and as soon as Braham contacted us we worked very hard to make the sponsorship happen. Banners have been prepared, charcoal and gas bbqs have been sent out and Braham and his friends have been tirelessly working to create flyers and a Facebook page in order to promote this great event – We wish them all the best and pray the weather holds”

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Video Security System Shopping on a Budget

SpyTown.com, a premier online retailer for all security needs prevention bring peace of mind and security to those who invest in quality video security systems, and to those who are on a modified budget. Though security and safety are things that are not to be taken lightly, SpyTown does offer clearance and closeout products for added savings for those under financial strain.

SpyTown specializes in brand new high-end security equipment for home and business use. Due to the difficult economic times many do not possess the finances to afford security equipment. Fortunately, SpyTown operates with the consumer in mind and offer a section on their website dedicated to providing clearance and closeout items. With the easy-to-use website, users can browse the variety of products that are greatly discounted to ensure the safety of their home or business.

By providing award winning products, and merchandise 100% brand new, users can invest in the security of protecting loved ones and possession while still being within budgetary confines. SpyTown offers products 50%-70% off original pricing. Thus, one does not have to sacrifice peace of mind or safety while under financial strain.

Products offered within the clearance section range from an Elmo TNC4604X Color Security Camera which features AES and AGC built-in switches, high-resolution, and Easy Back Focus Adjustments. In addition there is also a Sanyo DSR-M804H120, which features 4 video and 4 audio inputs, 30fps Real-Time Recording at all times, and 3 picture quality settings. These products are only a small sample of what SpyTown offers, and new items are constantly being added. In addition, the company offers free ground shipping for order over $500 by simple typing in the promotional code FREEGROUND during checkout.

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A New Breed of Wheely Cool Sees a Rise in BMX

Following in the tracks of ‘middle aged men in Lycra’ (Mamil), trick obsessed BMXers are set to become the next driving force behind the UK’s continued love affair with two wheels.

Data shows sales of BMX have grown more than any other cycling category this year. BMX now accounts for 16% of the total cycle market and looks set to overhaul traditional City bikes, currently 17%.

Retailer Halfords said demand is being driven by freewheeling youngsters looking for cycles with more edgy designs and better styling, from X-Rated to Apollo to the top-end, cool looking, US designed VooDoo range.

Widely available YouTube videos showing amazing bike tricks and the spread of a BMXers language through social networks has helped to drive the revival in BMX. They are becoming a fashion and lifestyle choice of cycles for both boys and girls alike.

The BMX almost disappeared during the 1990s but now analysts GFK say figures show that one in five bike sales are BMX and 94% of BMX’s sold in Great Britain are purchased by 6-15 year olds. There’s also a trend to customise BMX bikes. Halfords says the sales of accessories like skull and dice decorated valve caps and special stunt pegs have risen, along with skater helmets and fingerless mitts.

The growing popularity of BMX has developed against a backdrop of the rise of the ‘Mamils’, who have been at the forefront of the popularity of cycling in recent years and have driven the ownership of cycles in the UK to top over 4 million.

Now Dads in their thirties who remember the fun they had on BMX bikes are encouraging the revival, according to analysts Allegra Strategies in its Project Velo report on the cycle industry.

Halfords BMX expert Peter Hunt said: “BMX is becoming mainstream once again. It was always there with the cult pros but has filtered down to a new generation. GFK reported 1 in 5 kids are choosing fashion over form, with a BMX and our sales trends support this. BMX is already well established with boys, but we are now noticing a marked increase from girls too.

“We stock an extensive range of models to ensure our customers can find their perfect bike. Our VooDoo range is particularly exciting, offering cutting edge premium bikes at great prices.

Industry Cycling magazine BikeBiz said the popularity of BMX products were now exceeding peaks seen in the 1980s when speciality bikes became all the rage among youngsters.

Success of UK riders such as BMX World Champion woman rider Shanaze Reade has done much to boost the sport’s popularity and new facilities for BMX riders are emerging all the time to cope with renewed demand for specialist facilities.

Stephen Rooke, Director of Redditch Skatepark and BMX Track, the largest outdoor supervised charity skatepark in the UK, said: We are seeing whole families taking part in racing and involved in the club. BMX has grown to become the dominant discipline at our venue.

“BMX riding is a way of life to many young people, where they gain amazing riding skills and develop a high level of fitness, agility and strength by doing something they enjoy. It is a great way to tackle youth boredom that has been linked to antisocial behaviour.”

Construction is shortly to begin on a 43-hectare ‘Cyclopark’ facility in Kent, where world-class facilities will include a 340 metre dedicated BMX circuit.

The Olympics and construction of London’s new cycling Velodrome and BMX track will further drive the popularity of the BMX, with 2012 Olympic cycling events including a BMX discipline after it was Introduced in Beijing 2008.

The Group is the UK’s leading retailer of automotive, leisure and cycling products and through Nationwide Autocentres is also the UK’s leading independent car servicing and repair operator.

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24 Studio Golden Ticket Hunt Crowns Its Winner

Mrs Dee Hughes, from Bridlington, has received over £5000 worth of goods, after winning first prize in 24studio.co.uk’s ‘Golden Ticket’ competition.

After successfully discovering all five lucky tickets, Mrs Hughes, 40, was contacted with the news that she had won the fantastic prize -including over 40 products worth between £5 and £550.

She says, “I couldn’t believe it when I got the call, it is the most perfect start to 2011.”

The home shopping retailer, 24Studio.co.uk had over 20,000 entrants for the Golden Ticket prize draw, but Mrs Hughes is the lucky recipient of a huge range of prizes including a TV, vacuum cleaner, Washer/Dryer, cutlery set, and an iPod.

Richard Brisley, from 24Studio.co.uk, made the call to inform Dee of her win. He says, “I’m thrilled that Mrs Hughes has won this prize. It will probably take her most of 2011 to go through everything she has won.”

The competition, which ran online, encouraged users to browse the wide range of products available at 24studio.co.uk to search for golden tickets.

About 24studio.co.uk
24studio.co.uk was established in 1962 and is now a leading, reputable mail order catalogue business with over a million loyal customers. The company offers an extensive range of products including household and electrical goods, personalised gifts, gadgets, toys and clothing.

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UK POS to Share the Love this Valentine’s Day

UK POS, the market leader in the point of sale industry, has announced it will be keeping prices low in time for Valentine’s Day, despite this month’s VAT increase and soaring acrylic costs.

On January 4, the government increased VAT by 2.5 per cent to 20 per cent, while acrylic costs have also risen for the eleventh consecutive month. The price of acrylic rose by 40 per cent rise in the first six months of 2010 alone. UK POS uses 300 tonnes of the material every year to make its range of products such as Menu Holders and leaflet holders

As usual, demand is expected to peak in the run up to Valentine’s day as retailers look to increase brand and product awareness through point of sale advertising. And in an effort to support its customers, UK POS has looked at alternatives to raising prices, such as rationalising product lines and streamlining internal processes to avoid waste. Bulk buying and forward planning have also helped lower costs and stopped the company from having to pass on significant price increases to customers. UK POS has now pledged to continue in this vein throughout 2011.

Jason Leslie, managing director of UK POS, said Valentine’s Day, on February 14, is the next major date for the retail industry following the January sales, and the company will be ensuring customers have access to the highest quality point of sale items like Leaflet dispenser and Poster holder at competitive prices.

He said: “Acrylic prices have been at an all time low for the last five to six years, so the price increases during 2010 certainly came as a shock.

“UK POS is a family run business and has very traditional values at its core. There was never any doubt that we would do all we could to avoid passing any kind of inflation on to our customers. All departments of the business have pulled together to manage margins and this has enabled us to keep prices at a competitive level.” UKPOS will continue to make savings in order to offset rising costs throughout 2011 in order to keep prices low.

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Remember December The 22nd – The Cut Off Date For All Your January Sales Point Of Sale Orders At UK POS

UK Point of Sale, the UK’s leading supplier of many point of sale accessories and retail supplies has urged businesses to get their orders in before the Christmas cut off date to make sure they are fully prepared for the January sales!

Whilst many shoppers are rushing round trying to get the last of their festive shopping completed many retailers will be anticipating one of the most busy times of year for the industry – the January sales – and to help maintain some sort of order during this hectic time of year UK POS have urged owners and store managers to stock up on the vital point of sale accessories they’ll need from Window Displays to Snap Frames.

UK POS provides all of these and many more to help make sure businesses are able to enhance their customers’ shopping experience with clearly labelled sections and easy to read offers and shop displays to boost sales. But if businesses plan to be ready when the January sales starts then they will have to hurry to make sure their orders are delivered before the New Year.

UK POS’ last day for orders before Christmas is the 22nd of December; all other orders made after this date over the festive period will only be processed on the 4th of January 2011 which may be too late for some businesses. The good news though is that all orders made on the 22nd will be delivered the very next day (the 23rd of December) allowing retailers to be armed and ready for the sales crowds.

Debra Jamieson of UK POS urged businesses to act now, saying, “With the January sales being the perfect way to start the new year for a lot of retailers it is important that they are able to clearly display promotional items and mark sections of their shop out to the crowds”

“When it comes to shopper satisfaction, having a strong point of sale presence whether this be pavement signs to draw customers in or PVC ticket holders showing prices clearly, it all creates a better experience for the customer”.

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UK POS Offers Its Customers An ‘All In One’ Facility

UK POS customers all over the UK, from this November onwards, can take advantage of its newly launched added value printing service which aims to give customers an all in one facility under one roof to make their lives easier and their purchases more cost-effective.

Recognising that time is of the essence for most of its customers, UK POS’ new Banner and Flag Stands collection has proved to be one of the most popular areas so far for the newly launched printing service. Providing a cost effective and portable way to display sales messages and powerful graphics to passing audiences, the lightweight stands fold away in seconds and are easy to transport in a carry bag or case, perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Having previously sold the banner stands but not offered the printing service, UK POS is putting ease of ordering for its customers at the heart of its operation making all purchases more cost and time effective. Customers now have the benefit of buying direct from the manufacturer with their print as well as their POS so quality and value is guaranteed.

Debra Jamieson, Sales and Marketing Director at UK POS, said:
“Our new service gives customers that added value and takes away the stress of sourcing print. The response from current and new customers is really positive – with Christmas just around the corner customers are looking for a quick turnaround and being able to offer an all in one facility is very attractive. All we ask is that customers simply supply their artwork when placing an order and we will do the rest.”

UK POS has been manufacturing point of sale products for over 20 years and is continually adapting to changing market trends when it comes to working with retailers to market their offers. Best selling products include Acrylic & PVC Menu Holders, leaflet dispensers, ticket holders and display accessories. For more information on UK POS please visit www.ukpos.com or speak to a member of the experienced customer services team on 0161 431 4400.

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Perry Corporation Acquires Copier Division of Friends Business Source

Perry Corporation today announced the acquisition of Findlay, Ohio based Friends Business Source (Copier Division). Barry Clark, President of Perry Corporation said, “With this acquisition Perry Corporation expands its leadership position within the office technology industry. Our Employee Owners view this growth and expansion as validation of their performance and efforts through these difficult economic times. We are growing and increasing our presence throughout northwest central Ohio, southern Michigan and western Indiana.” He also stated, “This continues are aggressive expansion strategy and we expect a seamless transition for Friends (Copier Division) clients and look forward to building new relationships.”

Perry Corporation was founded in 1965 by the late Rex Perry. As the area’s leading provider of stateof-the-art office equipment, the company has enjoyed tremendous growth over the past ten years and now has over 180 employees. The dealership provides a wide range of copier, facsimile, and related supplies and service, and is a major supplier of Konica Minolta and Kyocera office equipment. The company also owns SMS proTECH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Perry Corporation. SMS proTECH is the regions leader in networking infrastructure technology.

Friends Business Source is a national provider of Office Supplies, Office Furniture, Janitorial/Breakroom, Promotional products and Commercial Printing. For additional information about Perry Corporation, call Sam Dervisevic at 419-228-1360 or visit the Website at www.perrycorporation.com.

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Elbow Friend Arrives In Vegas In The 11th Annual Latin GRAMMY’s Gift Bags

ELBOW FRIEND is proud to announce that the Elbow Friend will be featured in this year’s Latin GRAMMY® presenter/performer gift bag, through their relationship with LA marketing firm Distinctive Assets. The 11th Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards on November 11th, 2010 in Las Vegas will air live on the Univision Network from 8 – 11 p.m. ET/PT (7 p.m. Central).

The Elbow Friend is the revolutionary, patent-pending ergonomic armrest solution for fighting the Forearm Fatigue and painful strain felt by every day chair users during prolonged usage.

From office, studio and home, to waiting rooms and vehicles, Elbow Friend provides the necessary elbow and forearm cushion support that most stock chairs lack with their hard plastic armrests and weak padding.

The Elbow Friend is available online, in SkyMall and CompUSA stores as well as other select retailers.

The Latin Recording Academy® is an International, membership-based organization comprised of Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking recording artists, musicians, songwriters, producers and other creative and technical recording professionals. The organization is dedicated to improving the quality of life and cultural condition for Latin music and its makers. In addition to producing the Latin GRAMMY Awards to honor excellence in the recorded arts and sciences, The Latin Recording Academy provides educational and outreach programs for the Latin music community. For more information about The Latin Recording Academy, please visit www.grammy.com.

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Stay Powered Up And Stay Visible, With The Help Of HSS This Winter

As we enter the final week of October, it can only mean one thing; summer is nearing its (official) end and autumn is about to begin. Daylight time is getting shorter and the air is getting colder. For many workers, it is the time of the year when important changes are made to the way jobs are done; how they are done, when they are done, and what they were to get the job done.

HSS Hire, the award winning tool and equipment hire company, are on hand to businesses as well as the self-employed to help with the transition.

The numerous changes which will have to be implemented can be largely narrowed down into two main categories; lighting and power, and thankfully the HSS range of lighting and power equipment includes everything needed to make the change as smooth as possible. A reliable a source of lighting and power is essential for almost any work or industrial environment, and during the colder winter months, this need is intensified.

As the days become darker, earlier, HSS can be on hand to make sure poor lighting and visibility is no longer a hindrance to your busy work schedule. With a dedicated guide aimed at answering all your lighting requirements for winter, HSS has the ability to provide each element required to organise, network and run your lights which remains unrivalled within the hire industry.

HSS can provide the complete lighting package, helping plan your site requirements as well as deliver the items straight to you. Jamie Rice, Category Manager at HSS, says the revamped range is the brand’s most complete yet, saying; “We offer guides on lighting regulations, an interactive lighting demonstration in addition to our extensive lighting range. The collection is comprehensive enough to cover both construction site and public events needs such as concerts and firework displays.”

“In short, HSS can provide the total package to cater for your lighting and power needs.”

HSS can complete your tailored lighting and power needs this winter by supplying from our full range of generators. Products from the range can provide power to run small portable link lighting and also larger generators that can power the largest of event sites. HSS can deliver all the add-ons to get you up and running too, including fuel to power the generators, connection cables to link lights, junction boxed to network lighting systems and traffic ramps to cover cables running over paths.

HSS Hire is also currently running a fantastic heater hire promotion where you can stay warmer for longer, with 4 weeks heater hire for the price of 2 weeks. The offer is available for a limited period this winter, where great savings of 50% can be made

HSS Hire is a UK-based tool and equipment heater hire that has been serving big businesses, trade and DIY customers since 1957. It is the Hire Association Europe’s Hire Company of the Year 2009 and Contract Journal’s Plant Hire Company of the Year 2009. In 2010 it was awarded the HAE’s ‘Excellence in Customer Care’ award.

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Elbow Friend Takes Flight In SkyMall and CompUSA Stores

ELBOW FRIEND is proud to announce their ergonomic, ultra-comfortable chair add-on has been newly re-designed and is now available through SkyMall In-Flight Magazine and CompUSA stores throughout the country.

The Elbow Friend is the revolutionary, patent-pending ergonomic armrest solution for reducing the Forearm Fatigue felt by every day chair users during prolonged usage.

It is used in office and home environments, waiting rooms, wheelchairs, student dorms, medical rehabilitation and occupational therapy, and is now available for use in vehicles. It provides the necessary elbow and forearm cushion support that many stock chairs lack in their hard plastic armrests or weak memory foams and gels.

Available colors now include solid corporate colors such as Black and Navy, as well as more vibrant colors including Red, Green, Gold and the new Hot Pink Elbow Friend, with custom logo imprinting also available.

Please visit www.elbowfriend.com for more product FAQs and consumer reviews or, if you would like a free sample sent with our wholesale/re-sale pricing guide in volume orders, please contact us at your convenience.

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No Other Mini Helmet Display Can Make Your Mini Helmet Fly Like This!!!

TeamLogoCases.com is proud to introduce the newest case to the floating display case collection, the floating mini helmet. In addition to our floating baseball and football cases we are proud to carry the floating mini helmet display case. The newest accessory to the floating display case at TeamLogoCases.com, the floating mini helmet case, gives the illusion that the mini helmet is in the air within the case. The floating mini helmet case matches all of our other floating display cases including the hockey puck floating case and the floating basketball case. Along with the floating golf ball case, the floating tennis ball case and the floating softball case, available at TeamLogoCases.com, the floating mini helmet case comes with a black acrylic base. The floating mini helmet case also comes with gold risers and your favorite NFL team logo. TeamLogoCases.com also includes a free nameplate with your floating mini helmet display case. Also, be on the lookout for the NEW full size helmet floating display case….. coming to TeamLogoCases.com SOON!

Check Out All Of Our Floating Display Cases Here

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Memega Celebrates Eid

MeMega, a technology specialist based in Saudi Arabia, is launching a range of special offers during the Muslim festival of ‘Eid’.

In order to promote the idea of gift giving among those celebrating the festival, MeMega has announced a range of special offers on cutting edge technological items that make ideal gifts for friends and family. Notable offers that will apply during Eid include 20% off all PC games and selected PS3, Xbox 360 titles, 10% off the Sony Vaio all in one desktop computer and an iPad bundle featuring a 64G Wifi iPad, an iPad case, headphones and power adapter. Customers who purchase an Acer Predator gaming PC will also receive a free Dell widescreen monitor.

John Hinde, Operations Director at MeMega said: “Eid is a time for celebration, spending time with loved ones and gift giving. MeMega’s promotions for Eid across our amazing range of electrical and home entertainment products provide the perfect gift ideas.”

Other offers available during the festival include a free copy of Wii Sports Resort available to customers who buy a Wii console with Wii Sports and free copies of ‘Alan Wake’ for shoppers who purchase an Xbox 360 Elite and gaming chair.

As well as items on special offer, MeMega stocks a huge range of home entertainment products and consumer electronics including laptops, audio equipment and accessories.

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HSS LiveHire; New Features Enable Absolute Control

HSS Hire, the UK’s award winning and leading tool and equipment hire company has announced new features to its successful tool management system, HSS LiveHire, which will give users “absolute control” like never before.

The recently launched HSS Livehire is a free online hire management system which gives larger clients firm control and complete transparency of tool and equipment hire contracts. Unique to the tool hire industry, free to use, and with 24 hour customer support, HSS LiveHire has been described as the most powerful tool the hire industry has ever offered.

The ease-of-use and customisable nature of HSS LiveHire provides a personalised and tailored management system, with a live dashboard which keeps users up to speed with live contracts, outstanding invoices, as well as any items which may need to be offhired on a given day.

HSS LiveHire allows for separate user accounts to be installed, with differing levels of access if required. All products include an image and a comprehensive product specification, as well as a downloadable operation and safety guide.

Fiona Perrin, Key Account Director as HSS, explains: “The level of detail HSS LiveHire enables clients to access and manage is remarkable. Our aim was to put the control and management into the hands of our clients, and we believe this innovative system does just that.”

New features which have recently been introduced include electronic proof of delivery and collection, in addition to an electronic expected time of arrival for each hire. The latter is the latest part of hire information which can be accessed and viewed in ‘real-time’ in the ‘my hires’ tool.

Perrin adds: “We believe having access to a wealth of ‘real-time’ information regarding hires creates greater efficiency and control which, in turn, combine to ensure projects are completed on time and on budget.”

The clever yet uncomplicated tool is easy to navigate, intuitive to use and effective at helping clients get what is needed, when it is needed both on and offhire.

HSS LiveHire is the latest pioneering hire service run by HSS Hire. HSS Onsite, HSS Assured and HSS Pitstop are all services run by the award-winning tool and equipment hire specialists.

HSS Hire also have over 250 stores and supercentres located around the UK and Ireland, stocking over 15,000 items for hire, such as Lawn aerator, carpet cleaners and chainsaws.

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UK POS Prepares Retailers For An Explosive Halloween

Last year’s retail figures suggest that Halloween is fast becoming the UK’s most favourable Autumn event, overtaking Guy Fawkes Night, with more and more Britons adopting the American way and hosting parties to celebrate. Here, UK POS lends its advice on how Halloween preparations can set retailers in good stead for the much-anticipated Halloween rush.

Consumers have become accustomed to dedicated seasonal aisles in stores and, with Halloween parties and half-term shopping contributing to a 10.7% rise in sales at clothing and footwear stores last year, retailers recorded the biggest year-on-year rise since May 2008*. Retail sales from 2009 also confirm that October last year was 3.4% ahead of the October 2008.

To make sure your Halloween promotions aren’t over looked, UK POS has recommended its most popular Halloween products; the ‘Wobbler for Data Strips’ is made of clear PVC and securely fits into shelf edge data strips, and perfect for those Halloween sweets, are the ‘Hang Strip’ or easy to assemble ‘Impulse Bin’. ‘Pavement Signs’ are ideal for promoting outside of shop hours and getting customers off the street and into the store.

Debra Jamieson, Sales and Marketing Director of UK POS, comments:
“Choosing products that emphasise special displays and indicate to shoppers where a particular product is, are essential. High street retailers and supermarkets increasingly have to compete with online retailers but have the upper hand in terms of visual impact and the opportunity to cross-sell, either on the aisles or at the tills. Halloween is a time where retailers can be more creative with their POS and choose more playful and creative options to encourage their customers to enjoy the occasion but they need to start thinking about this well ahead of the Halloween rush.”

UK POS has been manufacturing point of sale products for over 20 years and is continually adapting to changing market trends when it comes to working with retailers to market their offers. Best selling products include banner stands and snap frames. For more information on UK POS please visit www.ukpos.com or speak to a member of the experienced customer services team on 0161 431 4400.

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MeMega Announces Range Of New Special Offers During Ramadan

MeMega, a technology specialist based in Saudi Arabia, is launching a range of special offers during Ramadan to encourage families to spend more time together during the religious festival.

The new special offers which MeMega are making available include a number of discounts on the latest technology to keep families entertained and engaged this Ramadan.

Ramadan, which this year runs until 9th September, generally sees Muslim families spending a lot more time in their homes as they look to enrich their soul through sacrifice, self-discipline and through fellowship with their families, friends and the surrounding community. This time is often spent with loved ones who have a similar goal and MeMega hopes that its offers on items such as cameras and DVD players will help to enhance the time spent together by many families during this period.

John Hinde, operations director at MeMega, said: “MeMega understands that Saudi families spend a large amount of time indoors together during Ramadan, which is why we’re offering this amazing range of electrical and home entertainment products that families can enjoy together.”

As well as discounts on many of its ranges, MeMega has special opening times for its showroom in Jeddah during Ramadan. The store will be open from 10am to 1pm and then again at 9pm until 2am to allow families to visit after they have broken their fast at Iftah. Traditionally this is a busy period in Saudi shops during Ramadan.

While the showroom, like many other shops and markets, will close down during evening prayers and the Iftar meal, but then re-open for much of the night, the MeMega website will remain fully operational throughout the period allowing customers to make purchases of laptops and other electronic equipment at their leisure.

About MeMega:
MeMega.com is Saudi Arabia’s leading specialist electrical and technology retailer providing the latest technology products, such as gaming laptops and home entertainment systems, to customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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UK POS Helps Retailers Shine In The Classroom

As figures have been released showing that parents pay out up to £201, 809 a year raising each child, and up to£37 a month on school uniforms*, UK POS is launching a campaign to help retailers strengthen their focus on their target audience through visual display holders and point of sale solutions as back to school is once again on the agenda.

No longer is there one local shop supplying uniforms to the surrounding schools. The age of the mass market is well and truly underway, with big name retailers stocking box pleat skirts, pale blue shirts and knee length charcoal grey socks which means there is even more reason to fight to stand out from the crowd with back to school offers.

The back to school market has changed dramatically over the last decade, with retailers now offering whole uniform sets for under £10. It is for this reason that UK POS is fighting to help the high street market their merchandise.

UK POS’ Sales & Marketing Director, Debra Jamieson, said: “We’ve noticed a shift in terms of customer buying patterns, especially over the last few years. Retailers are opting for more flexible solutions where they can update and change their offers regularly. We’re finding our Acrylic Freestanding leaflet Holders to be a really popular product at the minute. They sit on the head of a gondola with the image of the offer on display. Offers need to be visual in today’s competitive market place – the increase in sales of our poster holders support this.”

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UK POS Launches Window Of Opportunity For Estate Agents

Leading point of sale (POS) manufacturer, UK POS, has this month launched its new window display section online specifically for estate agents who are looking to draw customers in all year round through visually engaging marketing.

With easy navigation, the new section hosts a range of window display solutions to help clearly display vacancies and other information and offers. With estate agent displays, window displays, snap frames and cable display systems, the new section includes:

* Modern chrome and satin chrome display fittings
* Versatile window displays for any product
* All-in-one kits or custom displays for a complete solution for dressing your store
* Displays ranging f r o m estate agent displays to retail window displays
* Unique and versatile cable and rod display systems available

UK POS’ Sales and Marketing Director, Debra Jamieson, said: “We have a lot of customers in the estate agency field and wanted to launch a specific, user-friendly section that can be accessed f r o m the home-page specifically for them. The majority of our sales at the moment are coming through the website so its continued development is a high priority for UK POS.”

For more information on UK POS please visit www.ukpos.com or speak to a member of the experienced customer services team on 0161 431 4400. The new section can be accessed f r o m the homepage by selecting ‘Window Displays’ f r o m the left hand side.

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HSS CEO Named ‘European Rental Person Of The Year’

HSS, the UK’s award-winning tool and equipment hire company, have had their Chief Executive, Chris Davies, heralded as ‘European Rental Person of the Year’ by the European Rental Association.

HSS CEO Named 'European Rental Person Of The Year'

The awards were attended by over 250 rental professionals and organised by International Rental News (IRN) and the ERA, and were announced at a special dinner in Prague at the ERA’s annual convention.

It is the latest award to be linked to the ‘original tool hire company’, who were awarded Hire Association Europe’s Hire Company of the Year 2009, Contract Journal’s Plant Hire Company of the Year 2009, and were awarded HAE’s ‘Excellence in Customer Care’ award in 2010.

The judging panel for the European Rental Association have said they wanted to recognise Davies’s contribution in making HSS “one of the most modern and innovative companies in the industry” and one that is “at the forefront of using the internet to market its services.”

Chris Davies has led companies in sectors including building materials, office equipment and leisure retailing. Having joined HSS in 2006, he has been cited to have re-engineered HSS into a business focussed on serving professional customers in addition to the homeowner/DIY market where they were traditionally strong.

Stocking over 15,000 items, including ladder and plant hire, chainsaw and scarifier rental. HSS are also the only company to hold a 4* British Safety Award.

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Pitney Bowes Introduces Badgy

Pitney Bowes has announced the extension of its product range to include the Evolis Badgy, a new badge and card printer.

Pitney Bowes Introduces Badgy

Badgy offers a plastic card printing solution that gives users a flexible way to create high impact personalised badges and business cards on demand and is as simple to install and use as an inkjet printer. It produces smudge-proof and tamperproof high-quality badges and is suitable for creating a range of items including business cards, employee or visitor badges, library, canteen and club cards.

Included with Badgy, is access to an extensive range of card templates available for download from the Badgy website. Users, both beginners and experienced, can then easily customise these templates to their own design, including their own corporate branding, logos, pictures, text and images. The website also provides users with ideas and examples to help spark their own creativity.

Badges and cards can be printed within a few seconds at photo-quality resolution. These high quality cards create a great first impression and help to enhance brand image.

Badgy has been designed for any company, club, association, retail, local authority or school that wishes to design and print instantly. The affordable and user-friendly qualities of Badgy make it accessible to all.

About Pitney Bowes
Celebrating its 90th year of innovation, Pitney Bowes provides software, hardware and services, including franking machines, document binders, letter openers, folders and inserters and high volume address printers, that integrate physical and digital communications channels. Long known for making its customers more productive, Pitney Bowes is increasingly helping other companies grow their business. Pitney Bowes is a $5.6 billion company and employs 33,000 worldwide. Pitney Bowes: Every connection is a new opportunity.

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UK POS Kick Starts 2010 World Cup Promotion With POS Kit

Leading manufacturer and supplier of point-of-sale products is offering retailers a 2010 World Cup Point of Sale kit.

UK POS Kick Starts 2010 World Cup Promotion With POS Kit

With the 2010 World Cup only a few of weeks away UK Point of Sale Group Ltd (UK POS) is launching a 2010 World Cup POS kit to help retailers maximise their World Cup promotions this summer. The promotional kit, which includes such things as snap frames, will be offered at a special rate of £225 as a further incentive to encourage retailers to maximise sales during this event period.

The 2010 World Cup, which takes place between 11th June and 11th July, is predicated to give the UK’s economy a much needed boost this summer. According to a South African online news source, Daily News: “the British Retail Consortium estimates that the 2006 World Cup generated £1.25bn in retail sales and anticipates similar for 2010, with more if England progress further.”

Sales and Marketing Director of UK POS, Debra Jamieson said:“The World Cup POS kit has been devised with independent retailers in mind. It is designed to optimise World Cup promotions in a cost effective way, but without compromising on the overall quality of the materials provided. We are advising our customers to make the most out of the World Cup by preparing for it in advance and even dedicating a space in-store for all related sales promotions.”

“The level of sales we expect will be in comparison to other seasonal events such as Christmas and Easter. The fact it only comes around every four years makes it even more important, so we expect that both consumers and retailers will be making the most of it.”

The pack includes:
• A1 Pavement Signs
• Two A1 Snap Frames
• 10 A4 Snap Frames
• 100 Shelf Talkers
• 100 Wobbler Arms
• 100 Suspended Ceiling Hangers
• 100 Extending Wire for ceiling posters

The promotion kit includes some of UK POS’ leading products to maximise the use of space both inside and front of store. The kit provides retailers with the essential tools to fulfil all their PoS requirements and help guide customers through the store.

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Campaigning Politicians Inspire Businesses to Invest In Their Own Display Advertising Strategy

UK Point of Sale (UK POS) has recently reviewed the election campaigns of all three major political parties to discover whether any lessons can be learnt from the politicians when it comes to businesses increasing their visibility and marketing in the real world.

Campaigning Politicians Inspire Businesses to Invest In Their Own Display Advertising Strategy

UK POS provides many point of sale accessories such as pavement signs and snap frames that can help improve customers’ experience when inside the shop but there have been a few parallels with the focus on the UK General Elections and how a lot of the marketing strategies could help boost UK businesses to win the public’s vote when deciding where to do their shopping.

Posters are a tried and tested method of advertising businesses but one key point of sale accessory is the suggestion box, something not unlike the ballot boxes that the whole of the country will be visiting to vote for their chosen party in May.

Debra Jamieson, marketing and sales director for UK POS commented: “It may be a New Year which generally means a new start, but as retailers face the same threat of low consumer spending in 2010, it would seem that customer influence and demand will make a bigger impact than it has in previous, more financially buoyant years. Generally consumers have stripped back their spending habits so it’s important to know what they want from their shopping experience and retailers will be expected to do act on the feedback generated.”

Some businesses during the recession may have cut back on display advertising but much like in the political arena businesses and stores need to show they have a plan to recover and generate money/sales. The strategic use of suggestion boxes whether they are placed in store or used as a part of a prize giveaway for an added incentive can give the business a key insight into what the consumers think of the layout and range of products as well as the customer service and overall experience of shopping at that particular store.

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UK POS Believes In The All Important Finishing Touches

Behind any retailers strategically designed POS should be a fixing which adds a suitable and discreet finishing touch, according to leading UK manufacturer of point of sale materials, UK Point of Sale Group Ltd (UK POS). Offering a varied range of display accessories and fixings is important for customers to complete their POS packages whether that be a bespoke or off the shelf product.

It is necessary to highlight the value of quality display accessories and fixings, such as suspension fixings, ceiling fixings, wobbler strips and suction cups, to retailers. As Sales and Marketing Director of UK POS, Debra Jamieson, explains:“Retailers will have a process from which they design and print their POS to how and where it is displayed. But how is it going to be attached and fixed without the fixings looking unsightly and intrusive? The answer is to offer a variety of options whatever the shape, size and weight of the POS and an experienced customer services team who can advise on the best option. As a manufacturer of these products, we can even design and manufacture unique items especially for customers.”

“For example a leading furniture retailer approached us in the hope that we could solve a longstanding nuisance. It found that flexible wallets were always supplied with white adhesive buttons, which really stood out when placed on furniture. Having tried to source clear buttons for a while, our design team went that extra mile to mould clear alternatives to the retailer’s desired specification.”

UK POS’ range of ceiling, wall, window and shelf fixing options ensures retailers have the accessories to finish the job. The range includes suspension and ceiling fixings, which come in a variety of designs to offer uplifting promotions or to guide customers around stores. Wobbler strips provide off the shelf solutions for impulsive offers, whilst suction cups are discreet and secure making them perfect for window displays.

Currently UK POS is offering bulk buy discounts on it entire display accessories and fixings range. Customers can order products from the range online at www.ukpos.com or call 0161 431 4400 to speak to a member of the experienced customer service team.

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