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Topaz Quality Fuels Index 2016 reveals 96% of Irish motorists want to reduce their impact on the environment

DUBLIN, IRELAND, 2016-Sep-24 — /EPR Retail News/ — Topaz Quality Fuels Index 2016 reveals Ireland’s preferences when it comes to filling up the fuel tank.

Topaz, Ireland’s largest fuel and convenience retailer, has today announced the results of its 2016 Quality Fuels Index, which exposes what Irish motorists really think when it comes to fuelling up. The results have revealed that a massive 96% want to reduce their impact on the environment by driving more efficiently on the country’s roads.

Topaz are calling on the nation’s drivers to clean and protect their car engine’s vital parts by using its groundbreaking Quality Fuel additive, which improves efficiency on all major engine types by up to 3% and helps to keep your vehicle performing at its best. In its 2nd year, the findings from the 2016 Topaz Quality Fuels index has revealed some very interesting facts about Irish motorists.

A significant 83% of respondents have confessed that they fuel up to the nearest round number, when asked why 45% admitted that they never thought of the reasoning behind it but 24% have asserted that it’s down to the inner creatures of habit in us! Focusing on consumer behavior regarding tank fill patterns, under half (46%) admit that €10 is the smallest amount of fuel they have ever put into their car, while 29% assert that they’ve put €5 worth of fuel into their tank on occasion.

To fuel stop…or not to fuel stop!
Making that all important decision on where to stop for fuelling up is not a decision that Ireland’s drivers take lightly. Over 70% of motorists will only fuel up with a recognized retailer, with the in-store product range available in the country’s forecourts impacting a quarter of respondents when it comes to their decision on where to stop.

In the unbranded survey, Topaz has come out as the most favoured fuel supplier, with 37% asserting that the retailer would be their preferred choice for fuel and convenience edging out their closest competitors. When asked why, 70% have asserted that accessibility to water and to check tyre pressure on the forecourt is important and 83% of respondents prefer to combine their fuel stop with their grocery shop.

You’ve got a fuelling friend
57% of respondents would call upon a parent or guardian for assistance if they got into a spot of fuelling bother, while 17% would pick up the phone right away to AA breakdown assistance. Vulnerability is the first thing 37% of Irish drivers feel if they’re running low on fuel while on a motorway, while just under a quarter of respondents (24%) feel uncomfortable when they’re running on near empty driving a by-road.
When asked what the key step respondents take to conserve their fuel would be, almost two-thirds (64%) admit that they keep their RPM (revolutions per minute) low. Another topic that’s splitting respondents is the level of frequency in which they check their tyres, while 40% check theirs monthly, 24% even go so far as check them weekly.

Now it’s time to protect your engine with Topaz’s Quality Fuels additive!
Today’s survey results announcement reinforces the importance of the fuel you choose in keeping your car performance at its best. Keeping your car regularly topped up, ensuring the correct tyre pressure and purchasing fuel from a trusted branded retailer are all ways in which customers can ensure maximum performance from their vehicle. Couple these tips with Topaz’s Quality Fuels which contain a powerful in-fuel additive that improves your engine’s efficiency by up 3% when compared to standard fuels.

Topaz’s fuel experts have worked closely with an industry leading laboratory to develop an innovative, in-fuel additive that has been scientifically proven to take your vehicle further per tank than ordinary unadditised fuel. Topaz Quality Fuels are further Quality Approved by AA Ireland, giving you added reassurance with a standard that allows for Topaz to constantly check the level of service they provide and the quality of its products against the highest standards in the marketplace.

Gordon Lawlor, Fuels Director of Topaz Energy said: ‘Most of us are prone to being creatures of habit when it comes to filling up the fuel tank.  With the launch of our Topaz Quality Fuels campaign for 2016, we want to educate motorists to understand that not all fuels are the same. We hope that this survey would continue to encourage drivers nationwide to use Topaz Quality Fuels. Our fuels can help to clean your engine and improve your vehicles fuel efficiency by up to 3% thanks to our powerful fuel additive which is unique to the Irish marketplace.

Director of Consumer Affairs of AA Ireland, Conor Faughnan commented: “When it comes to reducing the environmental impact of driving, as well as ensuring the best running of their car, many motorists overlook the importance of fuel quality. By using a higher quality petrol or diesel, drivers will save money in the short and long-term by avoiding the damage which a lower quality fuel can cause to the vital parts of their car.”

For more information on the Topaz Quality Fuels, visit or Topaz Energy on Facebook.


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Topaz Quality Fuels Index 2016 reveals 96% of Irish motorists want to reduce their impact on the environment
Topaz Quality Fuels Index 2016 reveals 96% of Irish motorists want to reduce their impact on the environment


Source: Topaz

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