Warranty on Trucks and Trolleys Extended to 10 years by The Workplace Depot

The Workplace Depot is delighted to announce that their range of Fetra trucks and trolleys will now be under warranty for 10 years; previously the warranty was for five years.

Many workplaces rely heavily on trucks and trolleys to move goods around and they can take a heavy pounding from regular, hefty usage. So it may come as a surprise that a company could guarantee the reliability of such an item for an extended period.

Ken Miller, Director of the Workplace Depot explained, “The reason we can give a 10 year warranty is because the equipment is now manufactured at highly efficient production facilities using some of the most advanced precision machinery. The Fetra range of trucks and trolleys are also powder-coated and undergo vigorous shot blasting pre-treatment.”

The new manufacturing process extends the product life as well as keeping the finish in tip-top condition for much longer.

There may be cheaper alternatives in the truck and trolley ranges provided by other suppliers, but buying an inferior item can be a false economy. This type of transport equipment has notoriously high levels of wear and tear, so lower quality equipment may only last a few years and therefore need to be replaced. This wastes both time and money versus the alternative of purchasing a reliable product that is guaranteed for 10 years.

Steve Miller, The Workplace Depot’s Managing Director commented on the quality of the Fetra products, “We are proud of the fact that if any of the Fetra products fail within 10 years, we will replace the whole truck or trolley, not just replace a part. We will of course do this free of charge. Our range is built to last and nothing says this more than a 10 year warranty.”

To view the full range of Fetra manufactured trucks and trolleys, visit the Workplace Depotwebsite.

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Door Furniture Direct Offer Biggest Cleaning and Maintenance Range Yet

Door Furniture Direct, a leading online retailer for door handles, locks and much more, now offers more a door cleaning and maintenance products than ever, in time for customers’ big spring clean.

The Door Furniture Direct online store has long been a popular destination for high quality door handles, locks and other furnishings, and now the site is also the perfect place to pick up cleaning and maintenance products for all of the door furniture available; with their largest cleaning range yet.

Now is the perfect time to purchase door cleaning and maintenance products, as many homeowners are carrying out their annual spring clean and sprucing up their homes. With the cleaning range from Door Furniture Direct, shoppers can find products to refurbish their door handles and improve the look of their rooms or house exterior.

The cleaning and maintenance collection includes all the necessary products to clean and re-lacquer tarnished brass and much more; Nitromours lacquer remover, Brasso cleaner, brass restorer, metal lacquer, grate polish, steel wool, graphite lubricant and much more.

All are extremely cost effective, and worth the price when it comes to improving the look of your door furnishings, and ensuring they last as long as possible.

Highlights of the range include a brass restorer for tarnished brass, available for just a few pounds, just brush on or dip small items.

After a few minutes the tarnished brass can be rubbed down with superfine grade 0000 wire wool then polished with Brasso, and if required, recoated in lacquer to keep the shine. The quality, quick drying metal lacquer does not yellow as it ages, and can be brushed or sprayed on brass door furniture. Cellulose thinners can be used to clean the lacquer brushes after use. Brass restorer can also be used to clean un-lacquered copper and bronze on the exterior of the home.

Remember to never use Brasso, wire wool, metal restorers or any chemical products on lacquered metals or the lacquer coating will get damaged.

Unlacquered brass around the home, or brass door furniture which has had the lacquer removed, can however be maintained using Brasso Cleaner or Brass Restorer; removing tarnish from exterior brass furniture and restoring their original colour.

For the bathroom why not try out some tile and grout reviver to spruce up your tiles, or our 3 in 1 mould killer to get rid of any unsightly black mould in damp areas. Sugar soap is available in a liquid form to clean any paintwork before repainting. For a finishing touch one of our designer cord pulls is a great way of improving your bathroom for very little cost.

Glass surfaces can be cleaned using the Glass Cleaner Spray Bottle, a fast acting all purpose glass cleaner with a non smear formula, perfect for windows, glass doors and mirrors.

Items from the Door Furniture Direct cleaning range are guaranteed to come in handy and keep your door furnishings looking great for longer, but they are also ideal if your checkout cost has fallen slightly short of the minimum cost for free delivery.

Orders of £50 or more enjoy free delivery, and cleaning products can help you to reach the minimum, and will also prove extremely useful.
Discover the door cleaning and maintenance range and many other fantastic door and window accessories today, at the a Door Furniture Direct online store.

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Effortless Gifts That Guarantee Smiles. Return To Glory Launch Instant Gift Vouchers

Imagine being handed a spa treatment menu and told to pick anything that takes your fancy. With the launch of Return to Glory’s Instant Gift Vouchers lucky recipients can do just that. No longer do you have to wait for gift inspiration to strike, or grab something off the shelves at the eleventh hour. Return to Glory have thoughtfully created the perfect present for any occasion. Everyone loves pampering and these clever vouchers put the vast array of Return to Glory’s range of massage, beauty and fitness services at your recipients fingertips; maximum impact with minimal effort, what could be better than that?

Return to Glory’s elite team of professional beauty, massage and fitness specialists bring the spa experience to you. With celebrity endorsements from the likes of Jodie Kidd, Amanda Holden and Mel B, it’s easy to see how they have amassed a following of over 6000 repeating clients. In home treatments are special because the more comfortable you feel in your surroundings, the more you’ll gain from your treatment. Being able to relax at home following your appointment is sheer heaven and allows the treatment to reach its full bliss inducing potential.

Instant gift vouchers are available as eVouchers which can be delivered to yours or their inbox – within the hour. Email or call with the personal message you would like on your instant gift voucher, the amount of Return to Glory time you would like to gift and yours and the recipients details. Simple.

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Panel Warehouse Encourages Schools to Prepare for Exam Time with New Exam Desks

Leading UK supplier of displays stands for schools now offers high quality exam desks, which can be easily transported to any location in the school and safely stored, after exam time.

Panel Warehouse recently launched an affordable new range of high quality school furniture, and now the company is urging schools to stock up on great folding exam desks in time for the exam period at the end of the school year.

Folding school exam desks from Panel Warehouse are tough, durable and easy to store. They have been designed specifically for school exams. This means that they’re the ideal size for students to comfortably sit their exams, but it also means that they’re easy to fold away or transport to other rooms, as and when they’re needed.

Multi buy offers are available on all school exam desks and exam desk trolleys, and free delivery is available on orders of more than £75 plus VAT.

The exam desks range at Panel Warehouse includes the Titan School Exam Desk in blue or charcoal grey. These super strong Titan brand desks feature a large 600 x 600mm working area, and an extra strong steel frame to guarantee a long and useful lifespan. Titan school exam desks weigh around 50% less than a traditional wood top desk, and fold neatly away when not in use. A helpful snap lock mechanism ensures fast and simple assembly come exam time.

In addition to these premium folding exam desks, Panel Warehouse also offers the Titan Exam Desk Trolley, which holds up to 40 folding exam desks at a time and makes moving these desks from one location to another as simple as possible. This safe and handy trolley has a grey powder coated steel frame. This coating prevents marks and scratches when uploading or offloading exam desks.

A range of other school exam desks and exam desk trolley are also available, at less cost. Schools simply need to choose the right exam desk range for their needs, then purchase their desk using the simple online ordering system at the Panel Warehouse site.

Panel Warehouse guarantee quality, and fast delivery, and they encourage school to place their of exam desks now to receive their order long before the deadline for exams.

Find out more about school exam desks, jumbo display stands and the rest of the Panel Warehouse school furniture range by visiting the store’s official website today.

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Spring Summer Streetwear Collection from King Apparel Arrives at 5 Pointz

5 Pointz, a leading UK streetwear store, launches a brand new spring collection from King Apparel, a leading British urban fashion brand.

King Apparel, one of the UK’s leading urban fashion labels, is rubbing shoulders with all of the biggest names in the American streetwear scene, after landing at the 5 Pointz online store.

From legendary heritage brands like Adidas Originals and Nike, to the hottest indie labels from California and New York, like HUF and Only NY, the 5 Pointz online store remains a premier destination online for followers of British street fashion. Now, shoppers can access the latest designer clothing from King Apparel, an urban fashion brand from right here in the UK.

Fans of the King Apparel brand will recognise the iconic Dappa design, which is available across an all new t shirt or cap, but a number of all new graphics are also available including Prestige, Insignia and the RS logo.

The King Apparel Prestige t shirt is available in black and white with the eye-catching Prestige logo printed across the chest. It’s also available on the Prestige Starter Snapback Cap and Prestige New Era Cap.

Subtler and more contemporary thrills are to be had with the King Apparel Insignia t shirt in grey or black. Both feature oversized lavender lines which cross at the centre of the tee, while the letters K and A, in addition to a crown logo, are printed at the chest. Also available are a matching Insignia 5 Panel Cap, Snapback Cap and Insignia Crewneck Sweatshirt in black or grey.

The brand’s crewneck game is as strong as ever. The King Apparel RS Crewneck Sweatshirt is a solid crewneck accented with a left chest pocket with tiger camo print.

5 Pointz brings the best of the international streetwear scene to UK doorsteps with a massive online store, offering the latest new releases by heritage brands like Adidas Originals and Nike, along with the best new independent labels, including Only NY and many more.

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Aranez Announces Release of Flip Samsung Galaxy S4 Leather Case

Today Aranez announced the release of the first of its new line of leather cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4 called the Aranez Flip Samsung Galaxy S4 Leather Case. With the many hundreds of cases out their for the Samsung Galaxy S4 on the market, Aranez now provides Samsung Galaxy S4 owners with a premium choice that offers protection, function and luxurious styling.

The biggest features of the Aranez Flip Samsung Galaxy S4 Leather Case is the slim and light weight clam shell design, credit card slot, intricate silver-thread stitching and premium cow leather.

Features of the Aranez Flip Samsung Galaxy S4 Leather Case:
– Made from premium genuine cow leather
– Comes in both black and red leather versions
– Outlined with high quality and strong silver thread stitching
– Features a credit card or ID card slot
– Ultra light and minimalist design
– Access to all charge and audio ports
– Unobstructed camera punch out
– Punch out for the rear speaker
– Luxurious feel
– Genuine Aranez case

“Based on feedback from our Samsung Galaxy S3 leather case customers, we’ve included some enhancements to the Aranez Samsung Galaxy S4 Leather Case that will make it even more functional than it’s predecessors. Even though they may seem like small improvements, for us, they’re big things because it means that customers will love our case even more!” said Arnold Aranez, Founder of Aranez.com.

The Aranez Flip Samsung Galaxy S4 Leather Case will go on sale in the first week of June which aligns with the recent availability of the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone in the United States.

For additional information contact Aranez.com on info@aranez.com.

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Electrical Counter Brush Up The Stainless Switch And Socket

Electrical Counter have recently found that there has been a substantial change in the market desire for different types of switches and sockets and one of the major changes has been in the supply of brushed steel socket and switch. Brushed steel finishes on electrical equipment has been a long time coming but since it did arrive there has been a very positive shift in the types of finish that are now requested by the customers. Electrical Counter is pleased to supply the Nexus range of brushed steel electrical fittings and these are now becoming a standard in the supply chain. The brushed steel effect is excellent is it is coated with a clear lacquer it does not mark with fingerprints like some of its counterparts and it is very easily cleaned when it does get marked.

Electrical Counter notes that this range of Nexus Brushed Stainless Steel electrical fittings is excellent when used in the kitchen. The kitchen can be the standard household kitchen in the family home or the commercial kitchen in the larger catering establishment, strangely it does not matter as they look equally as good in both and the safety features are such that they can work quite adequately in both. The BG Nexus Metal NBS70G Brushed Steel 45A Cooker Unit with Neon is a good brushed steel unit, which will supply power to the oven, and hob unit and will give a useful spare socket to work with. The neon shows when power is still on and will provide a timely reminder to turn off power when holidays or enforced absence occurs. The brushed steel effect will fit in with many of today’s kitchen units, it is particularly effective in the large commercial kitchen where stainless steel is found in abundance with most modern commercial kitchen units being made of stainless steel throughout as a matter of health and safety requirements. The usage of Nexus brushed stainless steel switches and sockets is a perfect match and also continues the health and safety theme.

Electrical Counter note that these electrical fittings all have a plastic seal between the switch or socket and the base box so that a watertight seal is made between the two parts. This stops any ingress of steam or water that may be present in the kitchen. The switches are invariably of the rocker type and these are very smooth and easy to operate, these smooth switches means that there are no snagging or ligature problems and that they can be operated by an irate chef with his hands full.

Electrical Counter is delighted with the full Nexus range as there is a switch and socket for every use required, from individual sockets to ganged units as well as specialist items like data points and telephone sockets. The light switches can be fitted on the wall in single or ganged units and in single or double pole models. Electrical Counter note that these electrical fittings can easily be changed in minutes without any repair work or alterations.

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Electrical Counter Count On Keeping Out The British Weather

The Electrical Counter has a tremendous range of electrical switches and sockets, which they can supply, and this reflects the number of different applications and designs and materials used in manufacture. The Electrical Counter realise that these different types are required or desired by the commercial trade and the general public in completing their electrical circuits.

One of the areas that The Electrical Counter supply is the switch and or socket that is required to be completely weatherproof. To this purpose The Electrical Counter is pleased to be able to supply the Greenbrook PXC Weatherproof range of products. This range of electrical equipment has been especially designed and built to supply power to areas where the ravages of the British weather can reach without posing any danger to the running of the power system or to the people who may come in contact with the equipment. The range of sockets runs from the simple single sockets to twin sockets as well as time switched sockets.

The design of the Greenbrook PXC Weatherproof 105 DT – C PowerX time switched socket is one of the major items of the range of weatherproof equipment and this comes with an excellent 7 day electronic timer. The socket is a 16 amp socket housed in a clear polycarbonate case which has an excellent clip system to ensure that the lid holds shut in all weathers. The polycarbonate cover is resistant to high impact damage and seals successfully onto the body of the socket. This ensures that there is no chance of water entry into the electrical system. The Electrical Counter realise that these sockets have to deal with some difficult weather and are impressed with the design which has been made to deal with a permanent electrical installation and not just a temporary application. The cable entry is simple but effectively sealed.

The 7 day timer means that the Greenbrook PXC Weatherproof 105 DT – C PowerX time switched socket can be used to operate equipment remotely on a 365 day of the year operation without having to be altered or switched off at various times. There is however a simple manual override which can be used to turn power off or to operate the circuit on a continuous basis if the work level demands such a system. The socket is UV protected and will not lose its appearance due to Ultra Violet light from normal sunlight. All hinges are obviously rustproof.

The Electrical Counter can also supply the double socket version where one socket is covered by the 7 day timer and the other is a straight forward 13 amp socket. There are a great number of applications where the Greenbrook PXC Weatherproof range can be used and The Electrical Counter are keen to promote their usage as there are many places where these switches and sockets would do a much better and safer job than the system already being used. There are many production units where water spray or rain can get at the electrical equipment where the equipment is not adequately covered. These switches are very competitively priced and a look at The Electrical Counter website will give the viewer an excellent idea of what is available.

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Evaps.fr Launches Various Types Of Joyetech Electronic Cigarette To Help Smokers Cut Down On Smoking

Evaps introduces the world renowned electronic cigarette, the Joyetech. Cigarette smoking is a dangerous and a bad habit which can be life threatening. Therefore, Evaps takes its best foot forward to offer several types of Joyetech e cigarette which keeps the smokers satisfied and doesn’t affect their health as well. The Joyetech electronic cigarette is offered in various flavors with all the necessary accessories to keep the smokers contended without affecting their health.

Evaps.fr offers an amazing concept to help smokers cut down on smoking. The company gives Joyetech electronic cigarette which keeps the smokers contented and doesn’t affect their health as well. These cigarettes are safe to smoke in public as well, because it releases water vapor in the form of smoke which is not harmful like the regular cigarette.

Many COPD patients have been benefited by this awesome tool which helps to quit smoking. The e liquide used in Joyetech electronic cigarette is available in so many flavors that a smoker will never feel the urge to smoke the regular cigarette. Moreover, the liquid is designed in such a way that a smoker will not be able to smoke a lot. He or she will feel full after 5 to 6 puffs and they can use it later when they feel the urge. The flavors available in the market for Joyetech electronic cigarette are, strawberry, apple, kiwi, etc. It is also used as an impressive tool to throw a style statement at big business meetings, among friends and others.

A senior official from Evaps spoke about the major benefits of using Joyetech electronic cigarette. He said, “It is easy to fight the leading and the preventable death cause with the help of Joyetech electronic cigarette. The cigarette will never affect your lung and is a boon to heart patients. It will also keep your skin glowing. It is a better solution which not only keeps you healthy but even the passive smokers. It will help you spend quality time with your kids and family members where none of the members will be harmed by the smoke.”

Further the spokesperson of the e-cigarette company said, “The best part about electronic cigarettes is, it helps you save money and keep control over your health. After a few days you will experience a change in your health and see the stamina is coming back. The vapors which come out of the electronic cigarette also offer good smell so you will never have an issue with your breath. Moreover, you enjoy healthy and long life.”

The type of e-liquide offered by the company is terrific in a number of ways. It is also known by the name of e liquid, Nicotine Fluid Juice, smoke juice, and many other names. This non nicotine liquid is filled in the cartridges where you can add more liquid when necessary or change the cartridge and liquid both. It can be done either way.

For more information, you can please visit http://www.evaps.fr/

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Ace Sheds Secure The Family Jewels

Ace Sheds have developed a great range of differing wooden buildings from the common or garden shed to the summerhouse range and finally to the full purpose built self design building. All these buildings have the quality and design characteristics, which make them superb for the job they have been built to do and at a price, which is excellent, and at a fraction of what any brick or breeze block building would cost. As the name suggests Ace Sheds started life as major shed builders and whilst they supply other buildings the shed market is still a major part of the business of garden sheds in Kent.

Ace Sheds tailor make each shed to satisfy a certain part of the market and one of the best sheds that is produced is the Reigate Security Shed which is one of the strongest sheds on the market. Shed crime has become a major problem and the losses from these buildings have been very high over the last few years. This has been mainly due to the fact that criminals have not had to bring along tools to break in and therefore cannot be charged with possession of such tools, also the standard shed is usually at the bottom of the garden and in the quietest place and the darkest place so that the burglar can break in without waking the family or the neighbours.

Ace Sheds have taken this on board and produced a superb shed that is ideal for this application the Reigate Security Shed. The frame is a 52 mm x 25 mm with extra diagonal supports for extra strength, the cladding is tongued and grooved boarding throughout and the floors and the roof are also made of 12 mm tongued and grooved boarding. The windows are small and very high in the building, the standard fitting comes with plastic safety glass but toughened glass is a recommended option. There is a substantial door, which is 750 mm wide and fitted with security hinges and a 3 lever mortice door lock. The security on this Ace Sheds building is excellent and to break into the building requires some excellent tools to be used and the sensible burglar is not going to be caught with those. Even with the right tools the Reigate Security Shed is going to resist the burglar totally or cause the person to take a long time in the operation, which will deter all but the hardened criminal.

Ace Sheds have not just made this shed to be a safe but primarily as an excellent garden storage area and the Reigate Security Shed has a good storage area. The Sheds can be sourced in sizes from 8 foot x 6 foot to a large 14 foot x 8 foot which will cover most needs. This shed is ideal for keeping garden mowers and hedge trimmers as well as the children’s cycles safely and securely. Ace Sheds also recommend using a burglar alarm in certain cases and a no window option is also available to reduce any chance of seeing inside the building.

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New ALL BUT GLUTEN™ Baked Goods Launches During Celiac Awareness Month for Canadians on a Gluten-Free Diet

May is Celiac Awareness Month and, just days after first appearing on the shelves of major Canadian retailers, new All But Gluten™ baked goods are receiving rave reviews from consumers following a gluten-free diet. These great tasting products were created by the talented product development team at Weston Bakeries in collaboration with respected nutrition experts and are manufactured in a dedicated gluten-free facility. They meet Health Canada’s gluten-free regulations and are certified by the Canadian Celiac Association’s Gluten-Free Certification Program (GFCP). All But Gluten™, is one of the first brands to bear the GFCP mark, making it easier for consumers to identify safe gluten-free products.

All But Gluten™ products are also dairy-free and Kosher.

Safety, taste and nutrition are the three pillars of the All But Gluten™ brand. “The breads, focaccias, pizza shells and muffins are enriched with vitamins and minerals and are a source of fibre,” says Shelley Case, registered dietitian, international celiac disease expert and consulting spokesperson for All But Gluten™. “This is an important feature of All But Gluten™ because many gluten-free products on the market are not enriched and often lower in iron, B vitamins and fibre,” states Case.

Unlike most gluten-free baked goods, All But Gluten™ can be found in the fresh bakery section, not the frozen section of major Canadian retailers. Consumers following a gluten-free diet really miss delicious baked products and now they can stroll down the aisles that were previously off limits. The All But Gluten ™ brand invites consumers to ‘Rekindle your love of baked goods.’

The line includes Whole Grain Loaf, Cinnamon Raisin Loaf, Sliced White Loaf, Roasted Onion Focaccia, Rosemary Focaccia, Plain Pizza Shells, Carrot Raisin Morning Muffins, Mini Brownies and Coconut Macaroons.

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Apple fixes iPhone security bug

Apple has managed to fix a bug in its passcode lock that had previously allowed users access to contacts, emails and photographs on iPads and iPhones. Hackers also found a way to make calls using FaceTime. By following a specific series of steps including making emergency calls, a person was able to get around the passcode facility.

The company has released a new update to iOS which includes a number of different improvements for iPhones, iPods and iPads. As well as the passcode lock fix other improvements and updates were included in the release. Users in Japan will experience sharper 3D images and improved speech synthesis.

The bug was introduced with the iOS 6.1 update and has been present since it was released at the end of January. The two month wait for a resolution has prompted some experts to question why Apple was not able to solve such a fundamental problem much sooner.

This update will be the last for several months before the release of the next version and the much anticipated iPhone 5S later in the year. iOS 7 is currently in the early stages of development and as the release of the new iPhone approaches, speculation as to the various new features of the operating system is sure to intensify.

Speaking on behalf of online smartphone and tablet case retailer The Snugg, Les Yates commented ,“This latest bug fix is great news for our consumers and will put a lot of user’s minds at rest, particularly because of the ease with which someone was able to bypass the passlock on the phone. Although it would have been preferable for many to have seen the update come sooner, the fact that Apple recognised the problem and solved it without letting the situation get out of hand is commendable.

“Bugs are an inevitable feature when creating any computer system and hopefully the discovery of this bug will help Apple to prevent similar problems occurring on their devices in the future. This will be very important with the release of a new iPhone later in the year; any problems associated with their new product could prove to be very damaging for their brand image.”

The Snugg create a wide range of quality covers and accessories for a variety of smartphones including the latest iPhone and iPads. Be sure to check out their slick iPad 3 cases at Amazon.com.

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Beast Sheds Online Store Expands Range to Offer Widest Range of Specialised Sheds

Leading UK manufacturers offers wide range of premium sheds, and all are tailor made to each customer’s exact needs. Explore the whole range today.

The Beast Sheds online store now offers the widest range of bespoke garden sheds available, with a variety of specialist shed types for whatever the customer needs.

From high quality garden sheds and summer houses, to security sheds, storage sheds, hi-pex sheds and much more, the Beast Sheds range is designed to cater to every household’s needs and every order is hand built to the customer’s exact needs. Each simply has to decide which type of shed is right for them.

Modern sheds are about more than keeping lawnmowers and garden chairs dry. They can be transformed into home offices or chairs, they can protect motorcycles and other items of value. With Beast Sheds, no matter what a garden building is intended for, it can be designed with that specific purpose in mind.

Using the fast and simple ordering system at Beast Sheds, customers can choose the type of shed which suits their needs, then choose the exact size that they need. They also choose between a variety of styles and design features and can opt for any additional features that they’d like.

Whichever, sheds customers choose, they will enjoy fast free delivery and installation, along with a free rot resistant ‘Beast’ Floor. All of the sheds available are made from premium, heavy duty, hard timber, and timber is treated to offer protection against bad weather and a number of other aging factors. With minimal regular maintenance, these excellent sheds will look just as good after many winters, as they did when they were installed.

Pay a visit to the Beast Sheds online store today and find out much more about all of the fantastic garden sheds available; and just how easy it is to design the perfect shed for any need or any garden space.

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Force 8 Spreading the Word about Composite Doors

Force8, a leading door and window supplier based in Stockport, UK, are doing their bit for security in the UK. Their range of doors and windows has been extensively tested to ensure that all home owners have the most energy efficient and secure doors on the market.

The stats speak for themselves with 58% of burglaries occurring in the evening or night with a further 34% occurring at the weekend. Of all these burglaries, 70% are purely opportunistic where the burglar has seen an opportunity and taken it.

Force 8 Managing Director, Dennis Sumner, wanted to point out how avoidable this was;

“Composite doors are well known for being secure and have been stressed tested with everything from toothpicks to battering rams!

By installing them in your home, you can deter burglars who are just looking for a quick win. Here at Force 8, we pride ourselves on our customer service and we are here to advise all customers if they are unsure which door to choose.”

Force 8 are well versed in providing a range of high quality doors and with styles such as arched doors, French doors, folding doors and many
others available, customers are sure to find the right door when they visit www.force8.co.uk.

Security and style are the two boxes that must be ticked when home owners are looking to make some home improvements. Force 8 has a dedicated team of experts that are on hand to advise customers on their best options so that they get the best deal on the highest quality doors and windows.

Like all the best composite doors on the market, Force 8’s range is covered in Glass Reinforced Polymer (GRP) so customers will never have to varnish or repaint the door so it is feet up time!

With new styles and designs being added on regularly, home owners can see the doors and windows for themselves by visiting Force8’s showrooms in Altrincham and Stockport.

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Stop Fishing for Father’s Day Gift Ideas and Visit the Great Gift Company

It is one of the oldest pastimes around and the Great Gift Company (thegreatgiftcompany.com), a leading gifts for men supplier online, is leading the way in providing the best gift ideas for Father’s Day.

Fishing has been a favourite hobby for many dads and they like to take their sons with them to teach them some tips and tricks as well as spend some quality father-son time together. This June, you could buy your dad one of the many fishing gifts available at the Great Gift Company and relive the good old days.

Mette Downer, Managing Director of the company, commented;

“We all like to have some family time and with Father’s Day just over 8 weeks away we wanted to give all sons (and daughters) the chance to spend some quality time with their dads.

We have spent a considerable amount of time sourcing these gifts so we hope that all sons and daughters will have the perfect set of fishing presents to choose from.”

The Great Gift Company has compiled a number of fishing-related products from ties and cuff-links to mugs and paraphernalia, so there should be plenty to choose from. The most impressive of the gifts available is the “Large Fishing Shadow Bow” which is a great gift for any fishing enthusiast and is available for £120.

It consists of a range of fishing paraphernalia including rare and valuable lures, ephemera and tackle and would look great on the wall of his office.

Other fishing related gifts that the company has released include “Fifty Places to Fly Fish Before You Die”. The places that are detailed in the book offer the best places to try and catch that big one as well as giving you areas that have beautiful surroundings which will help pass the hours when nothing is taking the bait!

With these two great gifts available plus a whole lot more, the Great Gift Company fathers day gift ideas are some of the best on the market. Customers are sure to find the perfect present there.

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An Ace Up The Sleeve With The Crawley Summerhouse?

The snow keeps coming with 40 cm’s in places and the countryside looking like a Christmas postcard, it’s been the coldest March for 50 years, the wettest winter forever. The roads are clogged, the price of fuel is enormous and there are floods and famine. However Spring has actually arrived and nature has a way of redressing the balance of things quite quickly when it changes its mind and the gardening season will soon be upon us and the work will be staring back at us. It is now time to be ready for the Spring and summer and a great Ace Sheds Summerhouse installed in the garden is a wonderful way to start the growing season. If an Ace Sheds summerhouse is ordered shortly it will be here for the late Spring and Summer and it must be likely that we get some good weather soon.

Ace Sheds is pleased to promote one of their most useful ranges of summerhouse in the Crawley Summerhouse. This summerhouse is one of their workhorse summerhouses, which is sold at an excellent price but really does fit the bill of good value for money whilst doing the job excellently and also looking good at the same time. The Crawley summerhouse has been designed with simplicity in mind. It has an oblong shape with sizes from 8 feet x 6 feet to 12 feet by 10 feet and has an apex roof with the apex at the centre of the longest side. The front has a single door in the middle of the front with matching single windows either side of the door. The door is half glass to match the windows and the glass is plain not Georgian so that it gives a good contemporary design with excellent unrestricted views from inside the summerhouse. There is a single window in the side of the Crawley summerhouse that matches the windows on the front.

Ace Sheds are pleased with this design, which is an excellent and a very practical design. It fits particularly well in the modern house and contemporary garden where the clean lines fit very well. It will fit many garden designs ranging from the country cottage style to the latest modern design. As with all Ace Sheds summerhouses alterations can be made and it is quite possible to put double doors into the front is so desired to allow a great view and also to allow the summerhouse to be opened to a good summer’s day or an extra window to let in more light. The roof overhangs the door by one foot, which keeps the entrance dry and can allow the door to be opened on a poor weather day.

Ace Sheds note that the Crawley summerhouse is excellent value for money being one of their cheaper models but one, which still retains the quality and style expected of an Ace Sheds Summerhouse. It is possible for this summerhouse to be erected very quickly by two competent people and ready for action in a very short time. Give Ace Sheds a call or look at the website and see just what is possible.

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New Research Shows Camu Camu Superfruit Improves Obesity Biomarkers

An. Acad. Bras.Cienc. confirmed that Camu-camu was able to improve the biochemical markers of obesity in rats.

Amazonian Camu-camu fruit (Myrciaria dubia) has attracted interest from food and cosmetics industries because of its rich content of vitamin C, flavonoids and anthocyanins. The goal of the study was to investigate the anti-obesity action of the ingestion of Camu-camu pulp in a rat model of diet-induced obesity – using Wistar rats with obesity induced by receiving diet ad libitum.

The rats were divided in two groups: an experimental group that ingested 25 mL/day of Camu-camu pulp (CCG) and a non-treated group (CG). After 12 weeks, the animals were tested. Blood, liver, heart, white adipose tissues were collected and weighed; biochemical and inflammatory profiles were examined as well.

Animals that received the pulp of Camu-camu had reduced fat in white adipose tissues and improved biochemical profiles of obesity including glucose, total cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL-c and insulin blood levels. There was also an increase in beneficial HDL-c levels. The research suggests there may be potential use for Camu-camu in the control of obesity and as a functional food.

According to Matakana SuperFoods founder Dr Kevin Glucina the link to obesity came as a surprise to him. “We originally introduced Camu Camu to our product range because it is nature’s number one source of vitamin C complex. We had no idea it had potential to influence other biomarkers associated with obesity. This new research is based on a rodent model so now we need to see a follow-up human trial. Clinical research revealing the benefits of SuperFoods is accelerating as public interest grows about which foods provide the best naturally integrated nutrients for health.

There is a large movement away from formulated vitamin supplements and toward Superfoods and wholefoods in general. If people realise they can get their family’s daily vitamin C requirements by adding a natural superfruit powder like Camu Camu to their daily smoothie, why would they choose to buy a synthetic vitamin C tablet that has been produced in China from corn starch? Sure, they both have vitamin C but the wholefood Camu Camu also contains a complex of co-factors, vitamins, minerals and health-supporting phytonutrients that are put together by nature to give you much more bang for your buck. Not only has our digestive system evolved with wholefoods, there are also many complex mechanisms in play in wholefoods. Camu Camu has approximately 120 different phytochemicals; just how all those phytochemicals interact for our benefit is a hot topic in scientific research. It is the synergistic interaction of the different compounds in Superfoods which may be responsible for throwing up surprising benefits like those seen in this study into Camu Camu and obesity. These complex natural substances and interactions from wholefoods and Superfoods just can’t be duplicated by chemists at this time.Personally, the only vitamin supplement I take is vitamin D3 in winter. For the rest, in most cases, I think we can get far better quality from good quality wholefood and Superfoods.

The results of the Camu Camu study are very exciting and certainly support the high amount of interest in this new superfruit. The key thing I am taking away from this research is the influence that Camu Camu had on all the obesity biomarkers like blood-sugar levels and cholesterol. Sure, the rats lost weight, but more importantly, all the biomarkers became more healthy and that’s what’s important. I am always skeptical about claims made for one food as a cure-all for weight loss. In my opinion, even though the research looks promising, you can’t just rely on one magic food like Camu Camu to save you from the obesity epidemic. Lifestyle changes, the timing of diet and exercise are the most important factors when it comes to obesity; combine that with key super-nutrients and you are heading in the right direction.

We have done a lot of work on obesity and Superfoods at Matakana – we already have a new low calorie, high-nutrient Super Shake formula with Camu Camu and other key Superfoods like chia seeds, sacha inchi protein powder, red raspberry, goji and maqui berry freeze-dried powders incorporated into it. The Super Shake is naturally sweetened with low G.I pure coconut sugar, and the delicious flavor is enhanced with pure freeze-dried blueberry, banana juice and mango powders. The Super Shake can be taken as a once-per-day meal replacement to aid weight managment or as a post-workout recharge and is a great way for families to get a wide range of natural super-nutrients for improved general health. It is a viable safe alternative to synthetic vitamins for the whole family and all the ingredients are naturally gluten, dairy, preservative, coloring and GMO free.”

Camu Camu can be purchased from Matakana SuperFoods in bulk powder or capsule form and is also incorporated into the Matakana SuperFoods “Top 10 SuperFoods Super Shake”.

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Electrical Counter Brushes Up On Its Stainless Steel Switches

Electrical Counter has put a lot of effort in getting the right sort of finish for all of its customers when supplying the electrical trade with a full set of switches. Brushed Stainless Steel is one of the best ranges of electrical switches face plates that are available on the market today. The advantage that this range of finishes has is that it will fit in very well both in the home and also in the office, shop, restaurant or work place, it is very versatile as well as being hard wearing and is very good at keeping its original appearance even with a heavy usage.

One of the best ranges of stainless steel switches is the Nexus flat plate screwless brushed steel switch, which has been designed with neatness in mind as well as simplicity of access for the skilled operator. The face plates of the Nexus flat plate screwless brushed steel switch are very smooth and as it says, it has no screw holes in it and no screw fittings but the face plate fits over the switch box with a clip on and clip off system which is easy to manage. The brushed stainless steel finish is such that it has a good lacquered finish to reduce any fingerprint marking and which also allows easy cleaning of the surface. Electrical Counter is delighted with this Nexus screwless brushed steel switch as it looks exceptionally good in any building in which the public have access and the range of switches covers the full range of applications that may be required. In the home there are the full range of single double and multiple 1 gang switches and also a range of two way switches. The specialist switches and sockets are all covered with a very impressive shaver socket and switch plus a fan isolator switch. The cooker switches and kitchen equipment switches are all covered so that there is a full range of matching switches as well as many other switches. There is also a full range of matching screwless flat plate sockets available to complete the installation.

There are a number of the Nexus brushed steel switches that are fitted with neon lights to indicate that power is flowing. This is a particularly useful addition as in these times of power savings and high energy costs this switch does indicate that an unwanted bathroom light has been left on or that power is still being supplied to the extractor fan. So much of the household equipment supplied today is virtually silent when in operation and this simple addition can save a great deal of extra cost.

Electrical Counter is impressed with the Nexus screwless brushed steel switch when it is installed in the business community as it looks in keeping with the modern office or public building. The screwless appearance stops the amateur electrician from accessing the switch whilst maintaining an easy access for the skilled electrician. These switches can be sourced from Electrical Counter at a third of their normal cost, which makes them an even more attractive proposition.

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Force 8 Helping to Reduce Burglaries in your Area

Force 8, the Stockport-based composite door and UPVC windows supplier, are doing their bit for UK communities as they look to further spread the word about their products.

It may shock customers to find out that an alarming 67% of burglaries are attempted through a door, this fact should certainly reinforce the fact that home owners need to look at the security measures they are taking in their homes.

We all know about the value of burglar alarms and locks, but have you taken a minute to see if your door could withstand some force? Force 8’s range of composite doors is built using the most robust materials on the market.

If customers are looking for reassurances that they are buying the best quality doors then they need to ensure that the door that they are choosing has a PAS24 certificate, this shows that the door has been rigorously tested with everything from Battering Rams to Stanley knives.

Dennis Sumner, Managing Director of Force 8, wanted to reinforce how important having a solid door is;

?As a business we always pride ourselves on the quality of our products and whilst we encourage home owners to do all they can to save on certain areas in the home, you simply can’t afford to choose a sub-standard door.

Our composite doors can be purchased in a variety of designs so whatever design you are looking for, there is a very good chance that we will be able to match it.

As well as the security benefits, customers can also benefit from the style aspects of a composite door. They come in all different shapes and sizes so no matter what you are looking you are sure to be able to find it at Force 8.

Customers can also make the most of the brilliant door design option on the website where customers can design their own door to match their specifications. There are 18 different designs and 8 colours to choose from so whatever style you have given your home, there will be a door to match.

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Electrical Counter Gets Their Sockets Down To Ground Level

Electrical Counter supply a great range of electrical sockets and switches and there is something for everyone. One of the major problems is to keep up to date with all the options so that the finished customer can have the best system for their personal application. The ranges of sockets have changed markedly over the years as the range has extended from the most practical socket to one, which is also the most decorative. One of the areas where the socket usage could often be used more effectively is the floor electrical socket as this socket can be placed far closer to the intended usage than any wall mounted socket.

Electrical Counter is pleased to promote the Hamilton Range of Sheer Floor Electrical Sockets, which comes in a full range of modern metallic finishes. The floor socket has been around for some time but the latest designs are certainly more effective and do look good. The socket is a typical electrical socket fitted into a metal face plate, which is screwed onto a socket box, which has been sunk into the floor. The socket will accept a typical 13 amp plug but when it is not in operation there is a hinged metal cover, which is spring mounted for automatic closure over the socket as soon as the plug is removed. The final socket with lid is then virtually in line with the floor with no noticeable protrusion. The Hamilton Range of Sheer Floor Electrical Sockets are very robust and will accept people walking on them but for obvious reasons the siting of these sockets is usually in an area where they are not in a typical walkway. The advantages of these sockets are many but the typical one is that they can be put in areas close to where they will be used, for example by a table lamp or near to a television station or a radio and I Pod docking station. These sockets will also be virtually unseen when out of operation, as they are not noticed in the floor but often stand out when wall mounted. Electrical Counter is delighted with the range of sockets as they are available as a single or double socket for 13 amp plugs and also they are available in single and double 2 amp sockets for a table lamp circuits and also as a single television aerial socket.

The Hamilton Range of Sheer Floor Electrical Sockets provides Electrical Counter with a range of sockets in 6 different finishes so that it gives the customer a number of design options. There are 3 brass finishes in antique, polished and satin as well as polished chrome, a satin nickel and a satin stainless steel finish. This provides an excellent choice for the customer and will enable them to find a good finish, which will fit in with the floor covering of the room concerned.

Electrical Counter is pleased to note that the price of the Hamilton Range of Sheer Floor Electrical Sockets has reduced significantly and the full range of sockets is available now at half the list price.

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ePathChina: The Most Reliable Electronic Goods Supplier

ePathChina is a proficient B2C e-commerce website owned by a Chinese drop-shipping and wholesale company, ePathChina Limited. This Hong Kong-based company serves buyers across the world. It is also a wholesale exporter of a wide variety of electronic products, including Cell Phones, Media Players, Computers and Office Accessories, Car Accessories, Games and Gadgets, Cameras and Camcorders, Home Electronics, Security and Surveillance, General Accessories and much more.

In particular, ePathChina has an exclusive range of products in categories like spy cameras, LED flashlights, iPads, and Galaxy Tab accessories, which have gained tremendous popularity in global markets.

Over 5 Years of Industry Experience and 25,000 Satisfied Clients

With more than five years of experience, the company has served over 25,000 customers globally. All the products offered on their site are made in Shenzen (China), which is a global sourcing center for electronic products. All of them are passed through 100% quality inspection to ensure high quality, and are offered at wholesale prices. After the sale, if the customer is facing any problem with the products, they are eligible to avail unconditional after-service.

ePathChina is a great online shopping website for buying wholesale electronics, especially if you are buying things in bulk. This website supplies goods and products to all businessmen, like eBay sellers, retailers, distributors, drop shippers, store owners, and small wholesalers.

Why Should You Consider ePathChina for Your Electronic Shopping Needs?

If you have just come across ePathChina, it is quite obvious that you would be wondering why you should consider this e-commerce website. There is more than one reason as to why you should opt for this! Read on to know.

•  Products with Great Value : Of late, ePathChina has re-entered the market with only high quality products, implying the site has got rid of the poor quality items after researching through them. This appears to be an excellent improvement since all the products that are on sale now are high quality ones at inexpensive cost, meaning they are products of great value.

•  Safe and Easy Payment Methods : The website offers easy methods for payments through Western Union, bank transfer, PayPal (credit cards), and Money Gram. All payment currencies are also available on this online shopping site.

•  Best Delivery Procedures : The goods are delivered in time as promised by them. Usually, they promise to ship 30% of the products on the same day as the order is placed, 50% order within 2 days, and 15% orders within 3 days.

•  Good Client Support : The client support that the company offers is good even for after-sales service. They are courteous and quick enough in answering all customer concerns. The company still focuses on improving service quality all the time.

Overall, ePathChina is a reliable company for all your electronic shopping needs.

Upgraded Website

As a successful foreign trade wholesaler, ePathChina always stays updated with the changing times and technology so as to meet the higher demands and needs of the customers. Recently, the company updated its old website by not only changing the homepage’s overall layout, but also individual product’s web page. Customers can get to see more product images that are more colorful and clearer than before, while they can get a refreshing and pleasant feel. Moreover, there are more images displayed for each product from different angles as against just one image for one product earlier. This helps to give the purchaser all-wave info of the product.

In addition, customers can get clear details of inquiry in a new page. Irrespective of whether it is just one deal or two or larger orders, customers can find great deals. They can also find few useful tips given on the page like shipping, after-sales service, and FAQs, which have been added to meet the consumer demands.

ePathChina Coupons

If you are a regular shopper at ePathChina.com, the benefits that you can avail do not end at just competitive prices and good customer service. Further, there are ePathChina coupons that offer discounts and promotional offers, making the purchase even more meaningful and valuable for you as a customer. Customers can use the coupon codes to avail an extra discount. Reviewing the website on a regular basis can help you to be aware of such offers and avail them.

Thriving to Ensure 100% Customer-Satisfaction

Ever since the company was established in the year 2007, it has been striving hard to be consumers’ desired partner. It will continue with its website optimization and offer more exceptional service to meet the higher consumer demands.

This way, ePathChina has always been striving hard to meet the consumer needs and keep them up-to-date with the advancements in technology, and ensure 100% satisfaction in every regard.

So, what are you waiting for – come and shop at ePathChina.com, and avail all the exclusive deals today!

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Ace Sheds Design The Thanet Summerhouse With A Hint Of The Georgian Look

Ace Sheds build all sorts of wooden structures from garden sheds to exotic summerhouses in all different sizes and variations. They supply directly from their manufacturing facilities to the customers in a “Flat pack” delivery for erection by the customer or Ace Sheds can arrange the erection if required. The result of this type of sales is that Ace Sheds can supply these buildings to the customer at an excellent price for the amount of work that goes into the design and construction of these buildings, This means that there is something for everyone when it comes to a good summerhouse at a price that is affordable by the majority of home owners. They also provide luxury summerhouses for the top end of the market.

Ace Sheds is pleased to promote their Thanet range of summerhouses which is a good low cost summerhouse with a fairly standard rectangular building with a standard apex roof with the centre of the apex in the middle of the long side of the summerhouse. The building can be bought in many different sizes and this enables the user to get just right size for the garden concerned. Ace Sheds have designed this building with a touch of the Georgian architecture in it by putting all the windows and doors in Georgian small paned windows. This gives the building a touch of character and looks very good among the trees and flowers of a standard garden.

As in all Ace Sheds ranges of summerhouses the Thanet design can be tailored to suit each individual customer and this design particularly suits some of Ace Sheds more interesting extras. The Thanet summerhouse will stand very well on its own and looks good with no additional extras but there are some extras that can change the look significantly in the right location. Ace Sheds have been producing red cedar tiles for the installation on both sheds and summerhouses for some time now and these do look excellent when fully installed on the Thanet summerhouse roof. These tiles have a natural protection within them to keep out the worst of the winter ravages but they can also be pressure treated to give them virtual indestructibility from rain and damp. The cedar tiled roof on the Thanet summerhouse turns this building into an extremely fashionable building and will look as if it has cost a lot more than the bill charged.

Ace Sheds note that the Thanet summerhouse has two large double doors for front entry and in the Georgian design they look particularly attractive, when these are open they provide a lovely atmosphere inside the summerhouse and make it a lovely place to sit and while away some time on a summer’s day even when the weather is mixed. There are matching Georgian windows on either side of the door to balance the design and another lovely large window in one side wall. This makes the unit very light and airy and is one of the best-selling designs within the Ace Sheds portfolio.

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Celerant Technology’s Retail Management Software Brings out the Big Guns

Celerant Technology Corp has been a premium retail software provider for over 13 years, and has served the firearms industry for the past seven. Celerant was one of the first software companies to provide ATF compliant Electronic Acquisition & Disposition books to help gun retailers access their sales history faster and keep more accurate records.

“The firearms industry is heavily regulated and requires retail management software that enables efficiency and compliance,” said Ian Goldman, President and CEO of Celerant Technology. “In order to allow firearm dealers to run their businesses from one complete system, Command Retail has integrated Electronic A&D books to eliminate redundancy and error, as well as customized reporting that make it easy to provide the right data for the ATF’s Industry Operations Investigators.”

Celerant Technology’s latest version of its retail software, Command Retail v6.4, has added new features to expedite daily procedures for FFLs (Federal Firearms Licenses). At the point of sale, serial numbers are automatically incremented and the firearm is added to the integrated Electronic A&D book upon purchase, eliminating the manual process of the physical bound book. Driver’s license scanning verifies a customer’s age and ensures that the sale of restricted items is compliant with ATF regulations, as well as populates the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module with customer demographics and purchase history. To improve customer-facing services and reduce wait times at the register when making a purchase, Celerant also offers a Mobile POS that runs Command Retail’s redesigned, user-friendly POS screen.

“We have been using Celerant’s retail management system for our firearms company since 2008. The Point of Sale in Celerant has been a tremendous help in quickly processing our customer while populating the disposition of the firearm instantly into the [Electronic] A&D book,” said Celerant client Jeff Poet, owner of Jay’s Sporting Goods. “All the data is consistent across our two store locations and integrated E-Commerce site, making it a great tool for finding detailed information quickly.”

Celerant’s new features in the recently released version of Command Retail is a step in the right direction, but talks of future versions will be the total package for the firearms industry. During the 2013 Shooting Hunting Outdoor Tradeshow (SHOT Show), Celerant met with the board members of the ATF to discuss improving the retail software. Celerant developers are now working on several advancements, including a Form 4473 that auto-populates customer demographics from Command Retail’s CRM. Range scheduling is also anticipated.

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Door Furniture Direct Unveils Innovative Solution to a Keyhole Draught

Door Furniture Direct, one of the UK’s biggest online retailers for door handles and other high quality door furniture, has unveiled a brand new keyhole draught excluder, which is currently exclusive to the store. They are encouraging customers to solve their keyhole draught problem today.

In an article published as part of the brand’s Know-How Guides series, entitled ‘Solving a Keyhole Draught’ Door Furniture Direct provided some handy tips about reducing tricky keyhole draughts, and previewed the new and exclusive Brush Keyhole Draught Excluder.

The brush keyhole draught excluder is the perfect solution for the vast majority of keyhole draught issues. This small but mighty piece of door furniture fits discretely under the back plate cover on lock handles (keyhole handles) with bristles to neutralise any draught. But these bristles still allow a key to pass easily into the hole to operate the lock.

Once fitted the draught excluder is invisible keeping your handles looking great on exterior doors. While only one keyhole draught excluder will typically be required per door, they can be fixed to both sides of the door if the draught issue is particularly severe.

These unique draught excluders are currently exclusive to the Door Furniture Direct online store. They’re just one of the many high quality and reliable door furniture accessories available from the new look Door Furniture Direct store. Now better looking and easier to use than ever, this great web store is a one stop shop for new door handles, draught excluders, escutcheons and much more.

Pay a visit to Door Furniture Direct today, to find out more about exclusive brush keyhole draught excluders and much more today.

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The Great Gift Company’s Range of Presents Making Easter Shopping Easy

The Great Gift Company, an online retailer of gifts for men, has released a new range of gifts that are perfect if you are looking to buy someone close a thank you gift.

It is not just birthdays and weddings that people need to buy a gift and the Great Gift Company realise this and have made sure that the range of presents available match the requirements of all customers, whatever they are looking for.

Mette Downer, Managing Director of the company, said;

“Easter is a time that many people buy Easter eggs but instead of the calorific chocolate, why not buy something that can be kept and treasured forever!

We have introduced some great presents into our range for Easter and we have made sure that there is something for everyone, no matter what they are looking for and whatever their budget is.”

Some of the new products that are available online include;

“So Hungry I Could Eat a Horse” – Ok, it might be topical but it isn’t what you think! For those pasta lovers this is the perfect accessory to gauge how much pasta to cook. You have four different sized holes with the last one the shape of a horse! Priced at just £7.50, it is a great gift if you are having the family round for Easter Sunday.

“Body System Door Gym” – If the person you are buying for lives a hectic life (join the crew!) then this is the perfect present for them. The Body System Door Gym, available online for £22, fits on to any door and they can do all the pull ups, chin ups and arm and shoulder exercises they can manage.

Finally, “Taschen’s 100 All -Time Favourite Movies” is the perfect Easter gift for any film buff. This is the 25 year anniversary edition and has all movie types from horror to comedy and epic to musical. At just £18 it is a great gift to give.

The Christmas period was a very successful one for the retailer and 2013 seems like it is going to follow suit. If you are looking for a present to give someone for Easter, Father’s Day or any other occasion then visit the website at www.thegreatgiftcompany.com and see for yourself the quality and unique products that are available.

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Nexus Metal Sockets Provide a Good Base For The Electrical Counter

The Nexus range of electrical sockets manufactured by B G (British General) provides The Electrical Counter with a superb range to supply to the electrical industry. The range of electrical sockets has changed remarkably over the past few years and the introduction of the metal faced sockets has given a completely new outlook to all the electrical fitments and these allow the interior designer a vastly different set of parameters with which to work.

The Electrical Counter is able to supply the full range of metal faced sockets with a complete range of different faceplate materials and finishes. The Nexus electrical socket can be either a single or double ganged socket, which can be supplied with or without a switch. The Nexus electrical sockets are very neat in their design and the metal faces are of a very plain but sleek design. The sockets have a plastic gasket around the box to restrict the entry of any dampness but this is hidden from view so that it does not take anything from the overall appearance of the Nexus electrical socket. The metal faces of the Nexus Sockets are coated with a lacquer, which limits the fingerprint marks, which appear on the sockets from continual usage. These Nexus electrical sockets are becoming very popular as the metallic finish gives a completely different look to the finished electrical socket.

The different types of electrical socket metallic finishes are the item that impresses The Electrical Counter most of all. The different metal face plates that are available are Brushed Steel, Polished Chrome, Black Nickel, Matt Black, Polished Brass, Pearl Nickel, Antique Brass and Cream. This is a most impressive range of different materials and finishes and these really do look good in suit, the face plates are extremely sleek and will grace any building modern or elderly. Brushed steel and polished chrome have been around for some time but they still look excellent and fit very well in a modern house with the clean lines. Black Nickel is a beautiful finish that has been very popular over the past years and this fits in exceptionally well with modern house designs. Brass finishes whether polished or antique fit with a whole range of house décor and designs and will often prove very successful in the older house fitted with antique furniture. The Black and Cream switches are quite novel and give a totally different view and if installed into a house with the latest modern trends can really add to the décor.

The Pearl Nickel is rather a special item and has to be ordered separately but it is one design, which is particularly good at raising the profile of the installation, and there really is very little on the market elsewhere to compare with its appearance. The Electrical Counter is delighted with the total range of switches and sockets and this group of finishes is bound to become more popular as time progresses. A quick look at The Electrical Counter web site will reveal just what is available and any queries can be addressed by email or phone. This is certainly a range to watch.

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No Splash Or Relax With A New Desk And Games Table

Splash and Relax are rarely caught out with their name but there will be very little time to splash or relax with the BCE Riley 6 ft pool, table tennis and desk all built in one package. Splash and Relax now supply a vast range of Games tables be they for multiple usage with a large number of games or a single usage like pool, snooker, table football or air hockey. Whatever the requirements Splash and Relax is likely to have the full answer in their superb portfolio. The Olympics gave the British sporting public quite a lift and there is a definite mood to keep that lift going over the next year. The problem with the UK is that the weather is not that great for sporting activity for much of the year as outside activity is limited to wet or snowy Saturdays and Sundays. To counteract this, the games tables can be excellent at resolving this problem.

Splash and Relax are pleased to promote the BCE Riley range of games tables, Riley’s for many years was the face of snooker and pool in the UK but faded as the sports lost a little of their lustre as professional sports. BCE games tables were a small trading company that also lost its way. By 2002 both companies had seen bad times but were bought or merged with RLE a company owned by Stuart Lacey and fortunes were reborn. By 2006 the business was booming supported by the efforts of Ronnie O Sullivan and Jimmy White and it has progressed from then until today.

One of the most interesting products that Splash and Relax supply is the BCE Riley 6 foot Pool / Table Tennis Table / Desk. This is provided in a modern shiny white finish and to the outside world serves as a desk in a modern office at home or in the dining room or play room. The unit has a flat 6 foot long by approximately 4 foot wide top which when packed away has a white top which can be used as a desk or as a dining table. The table, however, can then be converted by removing the top and a fine pool table is exposed, there are a full set of balls and cues and all accessories are available from Splash and Relax. Pool is an excellent game for all the family and whilst not the most energetic does provide a good deal of walking exercise on a bad day. Pool tables do need to be level and these BCE Riley Games Tables are fitted with adjusters on each table leg to enable the table to be levelled. Extra exercise and a more energetic sport can be played by fitting the table tennis top and net on top of the snooker table to convert the table ready for a good game of table tennis.

Splash and Relax – http://www.splashandrelax.co.uk – are delighted with the BCE Riley 6 foot Pool / Table Tennis Table / Desk as it gives the user the opportunity to play active games on a table which can be returned to a useful household application when the games are finished.

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This Weeks Managers Specials – Direct from Makro

Makro UK has slashed the prices of some of its top-selling ranges, to offer customers even better savings with the following Manager’s Specials*:

• Dolce Gusto Coffee Pods in 8 Styles – £3.69 per pack
• Jack Daniels 1ltr – was £25.28 now £18.99
• Dolce Gusto Coffee Machines – RRP £89.99 NOW £20

Available while stocks last from your local Makro Store

Makro stocks a range of products such as coffee machines for the home and business, office equipment, and garden furniture for the home, to enable businesses to buy direct from the wholesaler.

In order to purchase items from Makro, customers must either be business owners or be authorised to purchase products on behalf of a business. Items can also be purchased online or from any one of Makro’s nationwide stores.

Shoppers can visit the official Makro Store website today to find out more about the products that the cash and carry stocks, and to see any new items have been recently added. No Makro Card Required to purchase online.

– ENDS –

Manager’s specials are available from 20 -26 February to Makro tradecard holders. Maximum purchase limits apply – check in store for full details

• Terms and conditions apply
• Maximum 6 per customer
• Maximum 3 per customer
• Styles include Mocha, Crema, Americano, Espresso, Lungo, Chococino, Cappuccino & Macchiato

Terms and Conditions

Offer only available in store. Products and prices are subject to availability. Stocks are limited and will be fulfilled on a first come first served basis. Information is correct at time of printing – errors excepted. These special offers are only available between Wednesday 6th February and Tuesday 12thFebruary, and/or while stocks last, and are subject to change without any prior consultation. Makro prices exclude VAT where applicable. Prices are in GBP. Marked down products will have been on sale at the previous higher price, for at least 28 days in the previous six months, in all Makro stores. Makro and Makro Cash & Carry are trading names of Makro Self Service Wholesalers Ltd, Liverpool Road, Barton Moss, M30 7RT. Registered in England. Company number: 973269

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Agilence Inc. announces Catherine Penizotto as VP of Analyst Services

Agilence, Inc., provider of Retail 20/20™ the intelligence-based reporting solution for retail, announces the selection of Catherine Penizotto as Vice President of Analyst Services. Penizotto has over 30 years of experience in the retail and loss prevention industry. In her new role Penizotto will be responsible for all Analyst Services becoming the liaison between Agilence and Clients.

“Catherine comes to us with a diverse background in retail operations and loss prevention,” states Russ Hawkins, President and CEO of Agilence, “She has a vast amount of experience and will drive efficiencies for both Agilence and our customers.”

Prior to joining Agilence, Penizotto established OPTIC Loss Prevention; a business consulting and liaison service provider focused on Loss Prevention and Asset Protection for independent retailers, business owners, and product providers. Previously, Penizotto served as Northeast Regional Director of Loss Prevention for Sears Holding Corporation, helping increase their margins and working to improve operations. Prior to Sears Holding Corporation she was Director of Asset Protection and Data Integrity at Penn Traffic, a regional grocery chain based out of Syracuse, New York. Penizotto also volunteers as the Academic and Retail Partnership Liaison for the Loss Prevention Foundation, a role that she will continue to hold.

“I am excited to join the Agilence team. Our 20/20 reporting product presents clients with a unique and intelligent way to identify opportunities that impact profit, customer service and performance. The Professional Analyst Services completes that offering with a cost effective means for the client to extend their team and support their fast changing initiatives. I look forward to helping our clients drive even greater ROI through these combined offerings,” said Penizotto.

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UK POS announces sponsorship for ‘Support for Independent Retail’

UK Point of Sale, the Greater Manchester-based manufacturer of point of sale products is delighted to announce its sponsorship of the 2013 Support for Independent Retail Campaign, which will include sponsorship of both ‘Independent Easter’ and ‘Independent Retailer Month’.

The support for this campaign provides year-round support, advice, ideas and inspiration to help independent retailers, and those who serve consumers, to get, and stay, open for business. UK POS will be offering support to these retailers throughout the year with advice on point of sale, marketing campaigns and how best to promote seasonal offers in-store.

Debra Jamieson, Sales and Marketing Director at UK Point of Sale, commented: “After being an official campaign supporter of Independent Retailer Month 2012, we are thrilled to be an official sponsor of the full campaign this year. We will be offering exclusive downloadable resources with advice on point of sale via www.independentretail.co.uk, as well as offering advice to retailers through our Twitter (@UKPOSGroup) and Facebook page (www.facebook.com/UKPOS) throughout 2013.

“Independent retailers have always an important part of our business since we started almost 25 years ago. This year is a very exciting one for us, following the launch of our new UK Point of Sale website in January, this announcement is yet another way we are consistently trying to offer support to our customers. ‘Independent Easter’ is just around the corner, so we’re really excited to be involved with this campaign for the first time!”

UK POS has been manufacturing point of sale products for nearly 25 years and is continually adapting to changing market trends when it comes to working with retailers to market their offers. Best selling products include acrylic free-standing poster holders and snap frames. For more information on UK POS please visit www.ukpos.com or speak to a member of the experienced customer services team on 0161 431 4400. Follow UK POS on Twitter at http://twitter.com/UKPOSGroup and join the company on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/UKPOS.

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